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Virtual Conferences
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Let's Create a Virtual Experience

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Whether you would like to enhance your existing content or create something entirely new, our team can  provide a clear breakdown of your options. Once completed your work is entirely yours and free to use anywhere you like.

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Your educational materials convey your message. Give your audience a deeper understanding of the value you offer them. Best of all, creative projects don't have to require expensive instructional design. 

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Hybrid Conferences

All-Virtual Conferences

Live Streaming

Media Services

They remember your content.

eLearning Authoring Tools

Voice / Video Creation

Articulate 360

Leave a Lasting Impression

Add an online live stream to your physical event or take your event entirely online with an all-virtual conference. iCohere offers full-service and professional coaching options.

Make it memorable! We help create a smooth virtual conference experience, with strategies to offer your attendees an enjoyable event. From engagement to flow, let's build something memorable.

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Course Production

Attendee Support


Meet in Style

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Create attractive and meaningful continuing education programs in the iCohere classroom.

Online Learning Solutions

Education Simplified



Course Builder


Automated Emails

CE Certificates

Our automated tools are designed save you time and energy deploying and administering engaging courses.

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Attendees should want to attend.

Set your webinars and meetings apart from the crowd.

We've all been a part of great presentations. They are memorable and make you want to participate again. In today's world of online meetings professionalism stands out more than ever.

Get experienced coaching and support with iCohere.

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