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Virtual Events Simplified

Host your next virtual workshop, seminar, summit, or hybrid conference with a trusted platform! Founded in 2001, iCohere has had the privilege of supporting a wide variety of onsite, offsite, and mixed events. Our team will scale the support to your needs - we have packages to handle all the logistics and setup, or ones where you can run everything yourself with any training you request from our helpful team.

Virtual Events Example

Ready to take your virtual event production to the next level? Contact us today.

Inspiring Virtual Events

Live Stream Events

Live Stream Events

Turn your next event into a hybrid conference with live streaming. Engage your online audience with opportunities to interact with your in-person attendees.

Digital Workshops

Digital Workshops

Conduct rewarding seminars and professional gatherings. Share your content with all participants, or use group-based access rights to tailor the experience.

All Virtual Events

All Virtual Events

Host an entirely virtual conference, trade show, or digital event. Conduct it live, or mock live, in a sleek and secure portal.

Activity Portals

Activity Portals

Looking to keep your conference focus in-person, but want to add a little extra? Explore adding a digital activity portal with your choice of features.

Live Stream Events

Cast your next event to the world as a hybrid conference! Let your remote audience experience your content live and give them the opportunity to participate alongside your in-person attendees. Take advantage of high quality recording services to help future-proof your presentation archives.

Smoother Facilitation

Let's face it, even repeat events take a lot of time and energy. We're here to help you craft an amazing attendee experience while also lightening your workload. We can help simplify the logistics of a hybrid event; both through coordinating the onsite A/V and venue teams, as well as the virtual site setup.

Your Event is Unique

We aspire to approach every event with a mindfulness to its unique objectives. Our team wants to understand your needs so we can present you with thoughtful options. This way you can make an informed decision on what will work best for your participants.

As Much Help As You Need

Leverage our 20 years experience, and hire us to set up and coordinate your next event. Alternatively, have us train you to conduct your own events whenever you like. Many of our clients blend these two options, as we are happy to collaborate on anything you feel would help your team.

Live Streaming
iCohere Agenda
Event Agenda
Virtual Events Setup
Virtual Conference
Interactive Agenda
Speaker Bios
Conference Participants

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Digital Workshops

Looking to offer more meaningful workshops or seminars? We can help you set up an environment that promotes a spirit of participation. Once you've successfully completed your first program, you can easily offer new ones in the same secure portal.

A Focus on Collaboration

Arrange your site the way you choose: either offering full visibility, or welcome different interest groups to interact and participate in separate ways.

Workshop Participant
Discussion Forum

You're in control of the activities, resources, and information displayed. Combine any number of features and open up new areas for participants at any time.

Mentorships and More

The design for an online workshop or seminar can be expanded to offer many other distinct programs including: mentorship, cohort, research groups, peer-to-peer training and more.

Virtual Meetings
Mentorship Learning
Mentorship Program
Discussion Post

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All Virtual Events

Provide an incredible conference 100% virtually.

Offer live or pre-recorded content, along with your choice of attendee engagement, activities, and credits, all within the same secure portal.

The Virtual Advantage

The experience can vary widely in a virtual space. You can bring an in-person level of engagement to your virtual event with the right setup.

Exceed your audience's expectations and offer all the  sessions, activities, socializing, entertainment, and prizes in ways that play to the strength of your unique event.

Virtual Conference Login
Virtual Plenaries
Event Registration
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Feedback is Built-in

Measure engagement as you go and request specific feedback from your participants wherever you like.

Feedback Form Setup
Attendee Feedback

As Much Help As You Need

We're happy to take on the general setup and coordination of your event. However, if you'd like to learn how to do it to save some money, we are happy to train you on how to conduct them yourself. We feature a growing number of pre-built sample sites available to be customized.

Conference Evaluation Form
Test Example

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Activity Portals

If you're looking to keep the focus in-person, but would still like to enhance the participant experience, you can always create a custom activity portal. Instead of access to the sessions, you can choose from a range of digital engagement, information, and resources to offer your attendees. You can also use it as a convenient place for participants to view the recordings. 

Here are some activity portal ideas:



  • digital agendas

  • downloadable handouts

  • raffles and prizes

  • virtual poster sessions

  • credit certificates

  • feedback surveys and polling

  • archive access

  • after hours connections

Agenda Example
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