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Member Portals Simplified

A secure place for members and teams, designed to meet their growing engagement needs. Easy to use team management software features, including the ability to group your participants by interest for unique visibility and collaboration opportunities.

Choose from a focused starting point below, or mix and match to begin growing a rich site experience.

Member Site Example

Your Member's Portal

Resource Library

Resource Libraries

Start with a vibrant resource portal, where members will find an organized space to access your unique materials.

Information Hubs

Information Hubs

Start with focused, useful information, organized in a secure environment that members can use as an ongoing resource.

Community Sites

Community Sites

Start with an interactive site centered on meaningful conversation. Provide your membership with an exclusive source for quality discussions.

Training Portals

Training Portals

Start with an emphasis on training programs, designed to give members the learning needed to further your cause.

Resource Libraries

Create a meaningful library of important resources to share with your members and teams. Offer full access to everyone or tiered access based on membership status.

Your participants will enjoy the simplicity of having all their files and external links in one secure and easy to navigate space.


Well organized resources help serve as a driving interest to maintain collaboration and site engagement.

A Home for Everything

Enjoy a secure and orderly space for all your digital files.

Every file uploaded is protected by the site, and can be accessed by visiting the library, or via a link.

Easily set permissions by folder and by file to restrict access.

Interested in centralizing your separate online applications? You can add resources from external links, such as Google Sheets, Dropbox or Survey Monkey and the site will organize and protect them as well.

Resource Library Folders
Resource Library Content Upload
Resource Library Picture
Resource Library Video

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Information Hubs

Create a member portal with an "information first" approach. Keep everyone informed with the latest and greatest from your organization in one secure and easy-to-navigate space.


Have different types of members? Easily set up special visibility rights to showcase only the relevant materials to each.

Share Information

Develop a vibrant space to share important information. From Announcements and Bulletin Boards to Subscription Digests and External Resources, the site is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing.

You can decide who can share information and in which areas, for instance:

  • Administrators

  • Leaders of Groups

  • All Site Participants

Customize the layout and options to best meet your organization's objectives.

Event Agenda Page
Member Profile
Discussion Respond and Post
Manage Digest Subscriptions

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Community Sites

Looking for a focus on conversation and member connection?

Avoid the distractions of social media by bringing people together to develop a thriving community of enriching dialogue and knowledge sharing. Sites can be laid out to promote different themes and even allow participants the permission to set up and manage sections of your site.

Interaction First

Your participants will enjoy the convenience of a single focused place to interact and collaborate. Depending on your goals you can set up a workshop, seminar, or member portal to host thriving discussions. Create forums, curated blogs, live chats, live meetings, and more.

Privacy is Built In

With a few clicks you can set a variety of privacy options. Have your administrators organize and manage communications - or give  key participants the ability to help you manage the site.

iCohere Site Menu
iCohere Discussion Forums
Discussion Post
Threaded Discussion Topic

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Training Portals

Bring groups and individuals together to learn and grow. From guided learning to collaborative cohorts, your site can be set up to allow full or partial access based on your trainees' evolving needs.

Learning Personalized

Define training objectives on your own terms.

Looking to move out of a standard classroom structure? You have access to an entire site to organize and display meaningful training programs.

Contact us to discuss your training goals and objectives.

iCohere Classroom Tiles
Course Credit Selection
Announcement Example
iCohere Test
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