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Online Learning Simplified

Create and sell online courses with our simple to use learning management system. Start with a sample course and develop any number of self-paced or instructor-led programs.


Planning a curriculum, with multiple modules, activities, discussions, and continuing education (CE) credits? The iCohere LMS can help you design and launch intricate programs as well.

Online Learning Example

Focused eLearning

Self-Paced Courses


Explore how you can prepare automated courses with a personal touch, saving you valuable time and energy.

Instructor Led Courses


Explore how your instructors can lead a participation driven class over a set period of time.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

Explore how groups of individuals can participate in activity based learning - with or without an instructor.

Impress & Improve

Course Development

Explore how iCohere can help you create and sell online courses. From planning to design.

Self-Paced Courses

Convenient for learners and administrators alike, well established asynchronous programs practically run themselves.

Here's a common flow featuring our easy setup wizards.

Step 1: Registration

Registrations are built in - there is no fee from us to use them. You can also use your own registration platform.

Customize the look of your registration, and the information it gathers, using the the setup wizard. You can offer coupon codes, or discount links, and display them on your social media, website, or via email.

Once finished, easily copy the registration for future programs and even build them into a catalogue!

Registration Form Example

Step 2: Content & Tests

Setting up your content is a snap in iCohere.

Every content step features an easy-to-customize text editor where you can insert images, videos, and download links.

For your convenience, iCohere features a number of pre-built, customizable templates.

Course Introduction Example

Step 3: Classroom

Enjoy a clean learning experience with courses or modules laid out as tiles. New tiles can appear automatically on meeting certain conditions. Alternatively, you can allow for self-enrollment into your programs.

There are a number of additional course options for you to explore such as automated reminder messages, notepads, course discussion boards, and instructor chat.

Classroom with Course Tiles Example

Step 4: CEs, Certificates & Feedback

What's a course without some well-earned credit? Offer your choice of specific credit(s), and have them merged onto a certificate of completion.

Want to capture helpful participant feedback? It's built in, and easy to add to your programs.

iCohere Course Certificate Example

Questions? We're here to help!

Instructor-Led Courses

Offer interactive courses guided by an instructor.

  • Featuring homework, integrated meetings, chat, live streaming, group discussions, essays, and more.

  • Administrative tools for your instructors including, grade by email, live chat, and a comprehensive student gradebook.

A Personal Touch

Your registered learners will feel the guiding hand of your instructors.

Choose the balance between system managed interactions and teaching instruction.

Your administrators and instructors are in control, with management tools designed to facilitate connection with your learners.

Homework Assignments

Instructors can offer graded homework, discussion, and essay, assignments.

Offer learners the ability to add text, video, and audio. Email notifications and remote grading keep your instructors conveniently up-to-date in running the courses.

Want to foster discussion? Allow comments and revision submissions! Assignments can even be weighted as a specific part of the course grade.

Virtual Meetings / Live Streaming

iCohere offers direct integrations to Zoom and WebEx. You can set up your meetings and add them to your courses with a few extra clicks.


Have a different platform? Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, Skype, Google Hangouts, and others can be used as well.

Live Chat & Office Hours

Use our advanced live chat feature to connect via text focused conversation with your learners.

These can be pre-scheduled sessions, such as office hours, or available at the learner's request while your instructors are online.

Course Taker
Course Gradebook Example
Live Webinar Scheduling
Live Streaming Example
Course Instructor
Interactive Agenda Example
Live Chat Example
Course Homework Example
Course Discussion Example
Course Homework Example

Questions? We're here to help!

Collaborative Learning

Sometimes the best learning happens in groups.

iCohere was designed to foster meaningful collaborative learning. Some examples include cohort classes, peer learning, and mentorship programs.

Collaborative eLearning

Collaborative courses can be designed around shared assignments, and student interactions.

If supervision is needed, simply pair it with an instructor for a fully managed program.

Collaborative Learning

Collaboration Portal

Take collaborative learning initiatives further by setting up a full-featured iCohere site.

A complete site experience can enhance the ability for groups of participants to learn and grow together.

Visit the Member Portal Training section here for more information.

Classroom Example
Course Credit Example
Announcement Learning
Course Test Example

Questions? We're here to help!

Course Development

Your programs deserve the opportunity to shine, and effectively capture your audience's attention. We can help you create and sell online courses from planning to design to execution.

We like to discuss your content in relation to your strategic goals - for instance, what is the impact you are looking to make? Will your audience be better served with self-paced micro-learning, SCORM presentation modules, or instructor-led engagement?


Whether you choose to collaborate with us on creating your courses or simply prefer training, our team is committed to providing thoughtful attention to your needs. We aspire to helping all of our clients succeed with their online programs.

Course Tile Example
Course Certificate Example
Course Test Example
Classroom Students Cheering
Registration Form Example
Classroom Courses
Course Intro Setup
Course Feedback
Course Presentation
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Questions? We're here to help!

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