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New bridge offers one of the most robust integrations between iMIS and an LMS to date

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. and WASHINGTON, D.C. – APRIL 15, 2016 – iCohere, provider of the world's first Unified Learning System, now offers a secure integrated solution with the iMIS member database system for nonprofits and associations. The new bridge simplifies member database synchronization, provides exclusive reporting features, and delivers a seamless, integrated end-user experience.

The iCohere-iMIS bridge was developed by award-winning Association Technology Solutions (ATS), the leading North American provider of iMIS software for associations. Most recently, ATS was honored as the AiSP Solutions Provider of the Year for 2015 – a top award for iMIS solutions providers.

"ATS has worked with iCohere to build one of the most robust integrations between iMIS and an LMS to date," said Randy Richter, director of technology solutions and partner with ATS. "The two-way information flow between iMIS and iCohere will allow customers to track and analyze engagement metrics in iMIS. iMIS customers can then use that engagement data to build robust programs that will increase member value and retention."

Improved Customer Experience for Association Members

The new iCohere-to-iMIS bridge simplifies member database synchronization and provides iCohere clients with a fluid user experience. For example, an association member might use iMIS for purchasing webinars, courses and virtual conferences; the new bridge then passes the member through to iCohere securely using a single sign-on. The member can update profile information in either system and the bridge keeps their records synchronized in real-time.

"This new, affordable iMIS-iCohere bridge is a big deal for our clients. Member database integration is no longer a nice-to-have feature for nonprofits, it's a must-have," said Lance Simon, executive vice president of iCohere. "The days of sneakernet user profile synchronization between systems are over. And the last thing members need is another login and password to remember. So the advanced real-time synchronization we have achieved with iMIS provides a huge benefit."

The new bridge provides:

  • Secure information sharing with iCohere's professional development and collaboration platformm
  • Exclusive access to user data to develop programs that increase member value and retention
  • Reduced staff time and operations costs allowing organizations to use one "master" database system (iMIS) to store member profile information and accounting transactions
  • Single sign-on (member pass-through) from iMIS into iCohere
  • Synchronized user profile data and synchronized tracking of continuing education credits (CEUs)
  • Easy upgrades with iMIS and iCohere so organizations stay current with technology

Associations and nonprofits seeking additional information about the bridge or a product demonstration, may contact iCohere at 202-870-6146.

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