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WALNUT CREEK, Calif. and WASHINGTON, D.C. – MARCH 6, 2015 – Reducing avoidable hospital readmissions has become a hot button topic in the healthcare industry. Hospitals can lose up to 3 percent of Medicare payments for excessive readmissions, making it critical for them to reduce readmissions. Research published by the American Medical Association found patients requiring post-acute care have some of the highest hospital readmission rates, in some cases as high as 18 percent and avoidable.

One organization helping to improve patient care and subsequently reduce drivers of readmission is AMDA - The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine. AMDA recently announced it is adding a new online curriculum in the Spring of 2015 using the iCohere Unified Learning System, as part of its extensive selection of educational and informational resources to post-acute/long-term care practitioners.

For patients requiring a skilled nursing facility or nursing facility, the AMDA program will help bridge the gap between optimal care and the current level of care in a health care setting. AMDA's online training will provide competencies so that clinicians practicing in this setting can serve their patients/residents most effectively. The online platform delivers continuing education most cost effectively and reaches the broadest audience.

"iCohere was right on target with our needs and expectations from the very beginning, and the cost was within our budget, which is a big plus. After a couple of phones calls and meetings, my director and I felt confident that iCohere could deliver this program the way we anticipated," said Natasha Patterson, CME/Distance Learning Manager for AMDA.

This online training was developed as part of AMDA's long time focus on improving the quality of post-acute and long-term care in the skilled nursing facilities and nursing home settings and includes educational modules, pre and post-tests, case studies with questions and answers, program evaluations, assessment reports and certificate distribution.

"The addition of this valuable program to an already established e-University (AMDA's online source for CE) of high quality educational resources is a clear example of AMDA's focus on excellence in patient care," said Pascal Kaplan, CEO of iCohere. "We are thrilled to be supporting this new important professional development project."

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AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine is dedicated to excellence in patient care and provides education, advocacy, information and professional development to promote the delivery of quality post-acute and long-term care medicine.