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iCohere Secures Contract with Library of Congress to Provide Online Learning Suite

Contract awarded with The Library of Congress to create new online learning suite2

Walnut Creek, CA, November 10, 2011 --( iCohere Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a contract with The Library of Congress to create its Online Learning Suite for the Library Services office, and FEDLINK/FLICC, and the Office of Security & Emergency Preparedness (OSEP) service units.

According to the solicitation, the Library's objectives for this project are:

"1) To provide interactive, self-paced, web-based training and reference material to meet the Library's training requirements in support of its employees worldwide; and

2) To provide a reliable, robust and multi-functional online environment through which the Library's audience can participate, and interact with, Library content, speakers, and educational and cultural events."

For over 10 years, iCohere has been a pioneer in online learning, advancing the use of technology integrated with strategic planning to support and expand online educational and collaborative opportunities. Today, iCohere's platform is highly accessible, supporting a wide range of operating systems, web browsers, and connection speeds, as well as providing compliance with ADA 508 Standards—both important features in accommodating global, diverse audiences. iCohere does not require any special downloads and complies with government security specifications.

"It is a great privilege to be supporting the Library of Congress with our collaboration platform," said Pascal Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of iCohere. "The mission of the Library is so vast, and so important globally; this really presents us with a tremendous opportunity to leverage our technology platform and team in order to make a valuable contribution to the betterment of the world. We look forward to collaborating with this Library team, they have already so impressed us with their dedication and vision."

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iCohere is a customer-focused technology company that provides a proven, cloud-hosted platform with facilitation, media production, and support services for professional online collaboration projects and events. Its "all-in-one" integrated system is flexible enough for online conferences, collaborative eLearning courses, large-scale webinars, and online communities of practice. iCohere offers training and support through every step of the planning, configuration, and execution process, ensuring that clients fully understand and maximize their experience with iCohere's feature-rich platform.

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