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iCohere Partners with World-Famous Author/Educator Howard Glasser to Produce Nurtured Heart Approach™ Workshop

Transforming the Difficult Child, All Children Flourishing methodology already used in hundreds of thousands of homes and classrooms around the world.

Walnut Creek, CA, August 06, 2010 --( Collaboration platform provider iCohere and educator Howard Glasser have entered into a partnership to deliver a professional development workshop called "Transforming the Difficult Child— All Children Flourishing."

Glasser will personally deliver this dynamic, cutting-edge program as a 6-week interactive online course for mental health professionals, educators, psychologists, and parents.

The workshop will run September 20 through October 28, 2010.

The workshop will cover:

-The unique dynamics of the challenging child

-Crucial concepts for understanding the Nurtured Heart Approach

-Therapeutic stances of the Nurtured Heart Approach and why they work

-Techniques for energizing success that reach deeply to the child's heart

-Nurtured Heart Approach rules and consequences that set the stage for limits to have great impact

-Techniques for extending the Nurtured Heart Approach and energizing success from home to educational and other environments

-Extending the Nurtured Heart Approach to promoting the greatness of all children

The course includes step-by-step instruction in on-demand audio/video presentations, weekly learning activities, live webinars with Glasser; online discussions; and new readings about the Nurtured Heart Approach that are unavailable elsewhere.

"It's fun to see these very same intense problematic children now acting out greatness," said Lisa Bravo, a parent, educator and therapist from Phoenix AR.

"A child's intensity is a gift that needs to be nurtured, not medicated," says. Glasser. "Faced with uncontrolled anger, aggression, defiance and disrespect from an intense child, most adults react by increasing the severity of normal parenting methods, only to see the situation get worse. Unlike these traditional methods, the Nurtured Heart Approach has been proven to have a transformative effect on these challenging children. The child learns to believe in himself and build confidence from the successes that flow from investing his intensity, intelligence, and life force into positive action. Join me for this 6-week interactive workshop and you'll leave with a powerful skill set you can use immediately to help intense and challenging children fully engage life in successful ways."

"We are thrilled to be adapting and supporting Howards's work using the iCohere collaborative platform," said Pascal Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of iCohere. "The Nurtured Heart Approach is extraordinary, and teaching this approach is a perfect fit for collaborative eLearning. Now teachers, parents and practitioners worldwide can experience Howards's wisdom and the utility of his solutions for not only the challenging child but all children."

Continuing Education Units are available for:

Professional Counselors


Social Workers

Marriage and Family Therapists


Press Contacts:

Howard Glasser, Children's Success Foundation,

Lance A. Simon, iCohere, Inc.,, (202) 870-6146.

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About Howard Glasser:

Howard Glasser, M.A., is the founder of the Children's Success Foundation and creator of The Nurtured Heart Approach™, which is being used in hundreds of thousands of homes and classrooms around the world. He is author of Transforming the Difficult Child, currently the top-selling book on ADHD; The Inner Wealth Initiative, one of the leading books on school interventions, and his most recent book, YOU Are Oprah – Igniting the Fires of Greatness. Four of his seven books are in the top 1% of all books on

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