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Upgrade your nonprofit training programs with the iCohere Classroom LMS.

iCohere offers one of the industry’s most flexible and scalable learning management systems (LMS) for nonprofits. Design, host and deliver training programs for employees, volunteers, and other important audiences. Begin with webinars and expand to self-paced or instructor-led courses. Reach a broader audience with a virtual or hybrid conference. Keep all your audiences engaged and informed with an online professional community.

iCohere Nonprofit LMS Software – The tool you need for next-generation online learning and training

iCohere surpasses just being your software provider. We are your nonprofit partner. Our solutions provide nonprofits with maximum revenue, seamless integration with other important platforms, and delivery of top-level training programs on all key devices.

Get your programs up and running faster with iCohere Production Services 

Our eLearning production team is expert in structuring webinar, course and virtual conference materials for maximum training (and revenue) impact. This includes custom site branding, interactive learning elements, video production and more. We can also connect you with eLearning instructional design consultants who have worked with our clients to design successful education strategies and programs.

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Client Case Study: How Nonprofit ISTC Supports 2300 Daily Online Learners

ISTC Case Study Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn about ISTC’s strategy for enterprise eLearning success. The webinar includes a Q&A with a panel of ISTC eLearning leaders and iCohere’s CEO. ISTC is a nonprofit training and education organization located in Southeast Texas.  Their online learning program provides over 700 courses and trains more than 43,000 learners every month.

Jim Philp, Director of Course Development
Robert Reynolds, Lead Developer
Katie Birdwell, Multimedia Developer
Lauren Hamilton,Multimedia Developer
Leslie Smith,Software Engineer
Lance A. Simon, CVEP, CEO, iCohere 

This free webinar is located in the eLearning Design classroom in the Unified Learning Academy.
Membership to the Academy is free.

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iCohere has been supporting clients of all sizes since 2001. Our clients benefit from our deep experience, product knowledge, and personalized support. Each of our products includes personalized ramp-up training, a robust users group support portal and affordable premium customer care options. We also offer a variety of production services to help you successfully launch and manage your virtual events.

We serve farmers all over the country with educational programs. Our 4-day online conference ‘Growing for the Future’ enables us to reach farmers and farming advocates with live and pre-recorded presentations, discussions and resources. Our first year we had over 1,100 attendees, this past year the event grew to over 1,300. The iCohere platform and team are fantastic to work with and they are our trusted partners on this project.

Farmers Educational & Co-operative Union of America (NFUDC)

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