On-Demand Classroom & Online Courses

iCohere’s LMS software delivers affordable online classrooms & on-demand courses that engage your professional learners

Choose from a variety of learning design options for your online courses

Offer online courses to fit your learner needs with webinars, self-paced courses, and instructor-led courses in the iCohere classroom experience.

The iCohere classroom advantage

Our modern classroom LMS offers an easy way to quickly launch a feature-rich online classroom. Once completed, you can copy over the design for future courses.

Benefit from our learning management system and classroom design experience

With our long history both as educators and working with a long list of clients on their professional development initiatives, we’ve learned a lot about bringing courses to an online audience. We share that expertise with you through personalized training.

Allow learners to train at their own pace with self-paced courses

iCohere’s virtual Classroom provides a single point of entry into an elegant, streamlined learning experience where content of all types – text, videos, presentations, documents, graphics, and even webinars — flows fluidly from one to the next, interspersed with quizzes and ending with a final exam and certificate. Capture feedback on any step in the course along the way. The result is a smooth unified learning experience.

Offer deeper engagement with instructor-led courses

Your instructional designers can craft formal or informal courses to meet different learning styles and professional development objectives. The system was designed to be flexible.

Create blended and flipped learning experiences when hands-on training is needed

iCohere’s Unified Learning Management System provides blended learning courses – those courses where hands-on skills training is best done in person, but where registration, preparatory readings, pre-tests, and ice-breaking exercises are more efficiently handled beforehand, and follow-up assignments, including course evaluations and final exams, are best delivered afterward.

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“iCohere’s Classroom LMS is top-level and user-friendly. The iCohere staff are customer-oriented. The iCohere Users Group support site and training webinar series are great resources.”

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