Rich, Versatile,
Everything-You-Need Features
for a Unified Learning Experience

Use some, use many, use them all.

Select the features that meet your current needs and as those needs change and expand, add others.

As a Unified Learning Management System, iCohere offers you all the features you need for webinars, instructor-led and self-paced courses, virtual conferences, and professional learning communities.

Best of all, you don't need technical or programming expertise to configure your programs. All can be turned On or Off, configured and reconfigured by your site administrators whenever they like. NO programming is required!

As a Nautilus grows a new chamber, it repeats the process of expansion it has mastered before – each chamber is larger, but is constructed in exactly the same way.

With iCohere's Unified Learning System, every type of program is constructed in the same way.

Our system is designed to be as easy and flexible as possible. But if you should need help – we're here for you, by email or phone.

videoDesign Elements for Site Branding

Core Features for Your Members and Students

Communication Channels

communication channels
  • WELCOME PAGE — welcome users and orient them to the site and its options.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — communicate timely information to site members, include polls, multimedia, attachments.
  • MESSAGES — a spam-free, private, group-based email system for your site members only.
  • CALENDAR – group-based calendar with Outlook and iCal integration
  • BLOGS — single-author or multiple-author blogs with member comments
  • HELP DESK — an easy way for users to ask for assistance
  • RSS SUBSCRIPTIONS — publish content to RSS-enabled websites and applications
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGE INTERFACES — Currently available languages:
    • English,
    • Spanish,
    • French,
    • German,
    • Portuguese

Collaboration and Networking

collaboration and networking
  • PRIVATE DISCUSSION FORUMS — for asynchronous learning, workgroup collaboration, and knowledge-sharing
  • LIVE MEETINGS – full-featured WebEx meetings with integrated audio (phone and VoIP) and video broadcasting
  • QUICK MEETINGS — spontaneous online chats with text and video
  • MEMBER PROFILES and DIRECTORY— a searchable list of site members
  • PUBLIC PAGES — view-only and public posting into designated discussion topics

Structured Learning

structured learning
  • CLASSROOMS – for instructor-led and self-paced courses
  • SCORM – Deliver SCORM tests and content packages
  • COURSE CATALOGUES – with registration links
  • ASSESSMENTS – full-featured Question Bank and Test Bank
  • RICH CONTENT – with direct links to assessments and surveys


  • MEDIA PLAYERYouTube-like player with no ads or time limits.
  • VIDEO LIBRARY – organize your videos and other media for easy searching and access
  • PHOTO ALBUMS — upload photos, add captions and share


  • iCohere MOBILE — for Blackberry, Droid, iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones
  • WebEx MOBILE – participate in webinars and meetings from your iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones

Research and Data Management

data management
  • RESOURCE LIBRARY — document repository and resource management system
  • WEB FORMS — forms-based, configurable data gathering tool for creating surveys and databases
  • SITE SEARCH — to posted content including attachments

Revenue Generation Support

revenue generation support
  • REGISTRATION SYSTEM — integrated signup forms for webinars, courses, premium content, and onsite events
  • PAYMENT PROCESSING – using your PayPal, Authorize.net, or other merchant account
  • SPONSOR / ADVERTISING SUPPORT — display sponsored content and links

Administrative Highlights

administrative highlights
    • Administrator
    • Member and Group Manager
    • Group Leader/Facilitator
    • Content Manager
    • Group Member/General Member
    • "Anonymous VIP"
  • ADVANCED SECURITY OPTIONS — for government agencies and other organizations with special requirements.
  • SITE BRANDING — match your site's look and feel to your overall branding
  • USAGE REPORTS — obtain an overview of the participation activities of members
  • SINGLE SIGN-ON and API — seamlessly exchange data between your member database and iCohere to provide your members with a seamless, unified experience

Additional Conference Features

additional conference features
  • CONFERENCE AGENDA PAGE — home base for attendees during a virtual or hybrid conference
  • LIVE WEBCAST WINDOW — video rooms for interactive in-person conference sessions/tracks

  • ADA SECTION 508 SUPPORT — for users needing accessibility features