July 2017

Associations: Using Technology For Strategic Member Engagement

October 15, 2014 | Posted in Concepts of Unified Learning, eLearning Best Practices by icohere

Times, they are a changing.  If you want your association to thrive this year and beyond, it’s time to look at new ways of doing business. Technology is changing the way we do business and your members are now demanding more inclusive systems that embrace technology, enhance mobility, enable effortless collaboration, and most important, connect […]

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What Association Leadership Needs To Know About Technology

August 27, 2014 | Posted in Concepts of Unified Learning, Conferences, Courses, eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

With most professions, creating and strengthening professional relationships is important for career success.  One of the most effective ways to build relationships is through joining an association.  There are currently associations for nearly every profession and interest. In fact, the American Society for Association Executives reports 1.9 million associations in the U.S alone.  Members have […]

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