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Webinar: How ISTC’s eLearning Program Supports 2300 Daily Learners

May 30, 2018 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices, Featured Training, What's New by icohere

ISTC On Demand WebinarBehind-the-Scenes Webinar:

Now Available On-Demand in the
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iCohere’s most recent unified learning webinar, How ISTC Supports 2300 Daily Online Learners, is a must-attend for enterprise leaders wanting to modernize and amplify their training programs using extensive customization capabilities and advanced security protection. There are hundreds if not thousands of learning management systems in the marketplace. But not all can accommodate the unique learning delivery needs and complex security needs of large organizations.

ISTC - Industrial Safety Training CouncilJoin us for this behind-the-scenes webinar and learn about ISTC’s strategy for enterprise eLearning success. The webinar includes a Q&A with a panel of ISTC eLearning leaders and iCohere’s CEO. ISTC is a nonprofit training and education organization located in Southeast Texas. ISTC delivers safety training and site-specific job safety orientations to contractors, as well as the employees of 76 petrochemical plants. Their online learning program provides over 700 courses and trains more than 43,000 learners every month.

Webinar Details
Now available on-demand in the Unified Learning Academy

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Overview of ISTC’s eLearning strategy and their recent major upgrade
  • Walkthrough of the Learner and Administrator experiences
  • How ISTC is positioned for success using custom integrations, training course modernization, and supporting on-site and remote users

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