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12 Questions Buyers Need Answers To From An LMS Vendor Website

May 30, 2018 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices by icohere

In the market for a new LMS?

When making an investment in organizational technology, it’s very important to “test drive before you buy” to ensure the technology and the support services match your business needs. In the crowded LMS marketplace, test driving, otherwise known as the product demo, can be overwhelming and exhausting.

The vendor’s goal of the LMS demo is to introduce their product and get the buyer to purchase. Most often, the goal for the buyer is just to gather information, so they can compare their options. Traditionally, LMS vendor websites tend to provide enough information to gain a buyer’s interest but not enough to make the buying decision, which forces buyers to request a demo. LMS demos have become such a cumbersome process that it’s leaving buyers frustrated and confused.

So how do we make this process easier? Give buyers the information they need on the LMS vendor website.

At iCohere, we’ve identified the top 12 questions that buyers need answers to from an LMS vendors website.

  1. Are there detailed videos of how the product actually works?
  2. What are the product capabilities and features?
  3. What are product/package options?
  4. Can I access a demo site to see the product live and in action?
  5. Can I live chat with a product specialist?
  6. What are the support services that are provided, both free and for an extra fee?
  7. Can I get a complete, detailed price quote?
  8. What integrations are available with the product? And what fees are associated?
  9. Can I buy the product now online?
  10. Is there a money-back satisfaction guarantee?
  11. What are the product integration APIs?
  12. Are there any reviews from clients? What about independent product reviews from users?

iCohere brings LMS buying into the modern age

iCohere, an LMS technology developer since 2001, has launched what we believe is the first detailed LMS product information portal. We designed the portal to provide the deep level of detail buyers need for decision making. The product and pricing detail is comparable to what you would find on a response to a Request for Proposals (RFP):

  • Over 20 detailed product videos highlighting features and functionality
  • Instant access to live demo sites of a classroom LMS and online community
  • Detailed video demo of a virtual conference
  • Documented interfaces for integration
  • Full product list, all features with explanations of what the features do
  • Instant quote pricing – no hidden fees or add-ons
  • Online chat and phone chat for questions from buyers, and much more…

Our goal with the new product information portal is to offer complete transparency, but don’t just take our word for it. We know it’s surprising to think that what we’ve created is truly different than any business in the industry, so we asked an independent industry consultant to evaluate and grade iCohere and our competitors on the top 12 attributes that buyers need to know about an LMS. Full transparency of these attributes helps organization leaders determine if the LMS is a good fit for their program. Below are the results of the evaluation. Download the report and consultant’s notes here.

LMS Vendor ReviewGet the LMS product answers you need right here on the iCohere product information portal. Or better yet, start your online demo right now!

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