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Now Hiring | Sr. Developer: ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript (U.S.)

May 1, 2018 | Posted in What's New by icohere

iCohere provides world-class professional development solutions to organizations and government agencies. Solutions include learning management systems, community portals, virtual conferences and Webex® webinars. We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our team and:

  • Provide application software development services combining ColdFusion 11, MS-SQL 2008 and JavaScript.
  • Debug and repair software issues on our multi-tenant infrastructure; and
  • Work closely with the rest of our development, testing and support team.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has a “power-user” level of understanding of ColdFusion, MS-SQL, JavaScript and internet applications;
  • Can troubleshoot application & performance issues;
  • Can develop new application features and functions as required;
  • Has excellent analytic skills to help solve complex client issues;
  • Is calm under pressure and can communicate professionally always; and
  • Has sufficient English grammar and writing skills.

Salary and Benefits

  • iCohere is an equal opportunity employer.
  • This position may be filled as either a part-time consultancy or a full-time staff position.
  • Candidates may be located anywhere.
  • Salary range is between $60 – $75,000 per year depending on experience. This position will be compensated based on the expertise of the employee and interview results.
  • An end-of-year company bonus may be provided based on annual company profits and job performance.

iCohere provides an excellent package of full-time employee benefits include health insurance, paid vacation time, a 401K plan and additional benefits as required by California state labor laws.

Revised April 30, 2018

To apply for this position:

Send resume and cover letter to Application deadline: This position opening closes at 5:00 pm PST on June 15, 2018.



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