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How do you design and market online events for a hard-to-reach audience?

September 25, 2017 | Posted in Conferences, eLearning Best Practices by icohere

How do you successfully design and promote an online conference or other online events for a hard-to-reach audience?

Melissa Miller, the education director of the National Farmers Union, and Abigail Stoica, senior instructional specialist at Western Region Public Health Training Center  joined iCohere for a tell-all webinar. (Access to the webinar is available at the end of this post.)

Melissa is responsible for the planning, development, promotion and delivery of youth and adult educational and leadership programs and events.  She shared how her team launched their first online conference and secured over 1100 registrations. To wrap up her presentation, Melissa shared how the team secured grant funding to support future conferences, plus marketing strategies, and details of the conference design and content planning.

Abigail shared how the University of Arizona College of Public Health hosted a successful online conference to promote the development of local food systems and improve community health, particularly on tribal lands.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the questions covered with NFU and Western Region Public Health Training  Center:

Strategy and Content:

Discuss why your organization decided to launch an online conference and the overall results of the conference.

Discuss your strategic partnerships and how you partnered with organizations that had large audiences.

When developing the conference content, how do you determine what is the best content?

Funding (Grants and Sponsorships):

Describe the grant process for securing grants for your future online conferences.

Do you think that having a successful first conference was necessary for your recent grants?

Any advice for organizations seeking grant funding for a conference or online learning?

In what ways do you plan to solicit sponsors or advertisers for the future conferences?

How do you currently use sponsors for the event?

Production Logistics & Support:

Describe what the online conference looks like for your organization – conference design, the attendee experience and details such as the conference length, how long the content is available to attendees, etc.

How far in advance do you start planning the conference? What does that look like in general?

Marketing and Communications:

Can you share your marketing strategy? We want to learn how you reached a hard to reach audiences like Farmers and Tribal communities.

Discuss your overall marketing strategy and what tactics worked, plus any tactics you will be adding to future promotions.

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