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The Best Sites for Free Images and Music for eLearning Design

December 9, 2016 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere


Would you like to include more images and music in your eLearning programs, but find the cost of purchasing this content out of your budget range?

Music and images are an important component of online content.  Both can be used to enhance storytelling when designing eLearning programs such as video trainings, webinars and courses. However, the cost of purchasing images and music can quickly add up, and if your organization is on a budget, you might be inclined not to use these valuable content mediums.

The good news is there are sites that offer royalty-free and some entirely cost-free images and music. Some sites offer the music cost-free and royalty-free but require attribution, such as a link back to their site when you use it.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of cost-free and royalty-free music sites and image sites below.

Websites offering free music (some with limitations)

Audionautix tracks fall under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, so you can use these audio clips for commercial purposes as long as you credit their website.

Bensound is an iCohere favorite. You can use the free my music licensed under the Creative Commons License in your multimedia project (online videos, websites, animations, eLearning etc.) as long as you credit with a link to the Website.

Bump Foot
Maybe be used for non-commercial work such as internal trainings or non revenue-generating eLearning such as complimentary webinars, and must provide attribution to this website or the featured artist.

ccMixter offers music under the Creative Commons license (You are free to download and sample from music on this site and share the results with anyone, anywhere, anytime). However, some songs might have certain restrictions, depending on their specific licenses.

At CCtrax, some tracks fall under Creative Commons license and some are for private use only.

Freesound offers Creative Commons Licensed sounds for use with creating sound effects.

Free Soundtrack Music
Free Soundtrack Music offers royalty-free tracks for use in eLearning programs, films, YouTube videos, games or other multimedia productions. Some music on the site does cost money, but much is labeled “FREE”.

JewelBeat offers free background music clips that can be used for any video production you are making.

Josh Woodward
All music is written, recorded, and produced by Josh Woodard, and is free provided you give him credit for his work (attribution).

With Kompoz, anyone can download tracks and use them for their own productions.

Incompetech offers free music. The website creator requests that you place a credit within the video (attribution).

Moby Gratis
Well-known artist Moby provides music for free download and use, provided your film is non-commercial or non-profit.

Museopen is a library of music where the copyright has expired. It is free to the public without copyright restrictions.

PacDV offers free music and sound effects, and they’re free to use in your video, film, audio and multimedia projects. They just want you to link back to their site or list them in your credits (attribution).

Partners In Rhyme
Some of the royalty free music on Partners In Rhyme costs money, but they also have a selection of free music loops and full-length tracks for free download.

Public Domain 4U
This music is available because there are no longer any intellectual property rights attached to them, either because the rights have expired or have been forfeited.

Music from famous artists under Creative Commons License where you can download other people’s tracks. You may have to ‘Like’ their Facebook page before downloading their clips.

These tracks are free as long as you provide credit to the original artist (attribution).

YouTube provides tons of music, some of it being free.

Free Images for Commercial Use

Images offered under Create Commons Zero means you can copy, modify, distribute, and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Some restrictions on a creative commons license might include an attribution link for any taken images or a stipulation that the image not be used for commercial purposes. Though attribution isn’t typically required, it is often appreciated.

Creative Commons Zero

Foodie’s Feed
Free with a few limitations

Free Nature Stock
Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

ISO Republic
Free with a few limitations

Jay Mantri
Creative Commons Zero

Life of Pix
Creative Commons Zero

A section devoted to Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

At iCohere, we use Pixabay for nearly all of our webinars. It’s certainly one our favorites and is offered under Creative Commons Zero.

Public Domain Archive
Creative Commons Zero

Realistic Shots
Creative Commons Zero

Snapwire Snaps
Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Travel Coffee Book
Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero



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