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Is your LMS compatible with your other programs?

September 30, 2016 | Posted in Concepts of Unified Learning, eLearning Best Practices by icohere

How much does your association invest in technology for member services each year?

How much do you spend on employee salaries and benefits to develop the member programs and operate the technology?

Technology and employee costs are often two significant line items on an association’s administrative budget. You need both to be able to offer your members the services they need and want.

The question to ask yourself now is “Are you cutting back on either of these line items because of budget limits?”

If you answered “Yes” to the question above, there is an opportunity for your association to have the technology you need and the staff support to operate it efficiently.

An all-in-one approach and customized support services

sm_icohere_unified_learning_system_videoIt’s time to consider iCohere’s Unified Learning System. It’s called a unified learning system because it brings together a collaborative, all-in-one approach to webinars, eLearning courses and workshops, virtual conferences, and member communities – at the average cost of just one of those solutions.

Yes, you read that correctly… All four programs at the average cost of just one of those solutions.

iCohere’s all-in-one approach doesn’t stop with the software platform, it also includes the best LMS support services in the industry. Where other providers may offer one or two hours of support when you subscribe to their platform, iCohere connects you to a team that helps get everything working exactly the way you need it.

Every client receives personalized training from one or more members of our team. It’s not one-size-fits all training; it’s training specifically tailored to your needs. And it’s included in your license.


If your association is currently offering webinars, courses, conferences and an online community to your members, your employees are spending an average of 20 hours on each platform learning how to use it. If managing these programs is one person’s role at your association, what happens if that person leaves unexpectedly? Your entire online program could derail. With the iCohere support team, you safeguard your investment because our team can step in to help you keep your programs running smoothly.

With the platforms you are using today, does anyone from those companies call you with suggestions on how to make your programs better?

Do they offer to help you?

iCohere wants our customers to succeed. Period. We’ve been serving clients for 15 years and our platform has changed a lot over the years because our clients’ needs have changed. When you partner with iCohere, your license gives you direct access to our industry experts.

“I just wanted to pass on a word of praise for Robyn. She contacted us with an Articulate resource she’s creating to help our speakers better prepare for the recording process. It’ll not only help speakers get a better idea of how it works and what to do, but cutting down on the related issues will save both of our teams’ time and money too. It’s something we’ll be able to use with around 45 or so speakers/presentations every year. She’s also planning on updating the live chat tutorial and the resource we have to help speakers contribute to their presentation discussions, both of which are very dated at this point.

I’m sure it’s already obvious how much we appreciate Robyn’s work, support, and collaboration, but I also just want to point out that our two teams have been working together now for over 10 years. It’s nice to know that even after that long of time, we’re still working closely to keep things fresh. That’s something for us all to be pretty proud of, I think.”

~iCohere Association client

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