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Free Graphic Design Tools For Dynamic eLearning Marketing

May 26, 2016 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices by icohere

The most outstanding eLearning program in the world won’t be successful if no one knows about it. Draw attention to your eLearning courses with creative, dynamic multi-channel marketing. Below you’ll find a few examples of powerful graphic design tools that are free and easy to use. 


Canva is an online graphic design platform with free and paid subscription services. The platform is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Start from scratch and create a custom sized design to meet your specific marketing needs, using your own images. Or, take advantage of Canva’s wide variety of sample designs that can quickly and easily be modified to fit your company brand and learning product. The image below is a look at an advertisement to promote an upcoming training.


BeFunky was founded as a cartoonizer where you can turn photos into cartoon charactures. They have since added several design features, including photo editing, collages, and customized graphic designs.

BeFunky Cartoonizer


Use PicMonkey to created branded images and collages for your website and social media channels. Some of their cool new features include miniature, mirror effect, and edge sketch illustrator.


Did you know that PowerPoint isn’t just for presentations? It’s also a fantastic tool for creating interactive eBooks, dynamic Social Media posts, and print-ready program flyers and posters. You can also create a presentation to promote your eLearning program, add music, and save it as a video. PowerPoint also allows you to hyperlink any content to a website or web page. Use this functionality to drive your audience to your registration landing page or your business website. To see this flexibility in action, download the free eBook shown at the bottom of this post. It was created using PowerPoint.

Windows 10 Photo App, Facebook and Instagram

Just like Facebook and Instagram offer image editing features, Windows 10 includes a powerful new Photo App, which you can use to edit photos before creating your marketing collateral. Choose from a library of options, including filters, color changes, and lighting, plus two really cool features called viginette and selective focus.

Once you create your marketing collateral, customize it to fit each of your digital channels. Learn how to create a variety of marketing from your existing content in iCohere’s newest eBook: A Practical Guide to Multi-Channel Online Event Marketing. It’s free to download.

MultiChannel Marketing

The new 36-page guide takes you behind the scenes to create a successful multi-channel marketing campaign for your online events.

  • Learn how to identify your ideal audience and create messaging that drives them to action.
  • Save time and money by taking your existing content and repurposing it across your digital channels.

The guide also covers the “must-do” items when planning the event, how to build a community around the event for ongoing engagement and ROI, and creating content your audience needs and wants.




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