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What the right LMS can do for your organization

January 8, 2016 | Posted in Concepts of Unified Learning, eLearning Best Practices by icohere

eLearning IndustryThe global eLearning market is a $50 billion industry. Learner demands have many organizations and associations exploring ways to enhance existing offerings and expand their overall programs. On the innovation side, as technology is becoming more and more important in our everyday personal and professional lives, software companies are working to design better, faster, smarter options.

One of the primary delivery approaches to eLearning is using a Learning Management System. However, with hundreds of platforms available, finding and selecting the right system can be daunting.

Common LMS Features

  • Online learning (webinars, courses)
  • Online Instruction
  • Collaboration (discussions, chats, meeting rooms)
  • Mobile Learning (transition across digital platforms)
  • Blended Learning
  • Assessment and Testing

Not all LMS platforms are created equally. The features above can be found in most systems, but a quick search online leads you to several comparison sites that demonstrate the differences in the most popular platforms. An advanced LMS platform will do much more than program hosting and delivery, and the software provider actually becomes a valuable business partner.  Here are a few notable differences and what they mean for your organization.

Personalized Learning

Everyone learns at different paces, and the tactics and approaches that work for one individual or group aren’t universal. A one-course-fits-all approach to learning is shifting to an approach customized to the learner’s unique needs. Personalized learning provides higher learner engagement and content retention. Look at the smartphone. Users are able to customize the experience based on their needs and interests, which strengthens brand loyalty. Organizations focusing on providing a personalized learning experience will draw and retain learners much better than those offering a single or limited experience.

System Integration

Developing a comprehensive eLearning program includes many modes of learning ranging from classroom instruction, on-demand recordings, and live discussions, to offering an entire online community for collaboration and networking, and full online conferences for continuing education. Creating a Unified Learning experience has often meant subscribing to multiple platforms. However, platforms like iCohere’s Unified Learning System offer an all-in-one system. Organizations that turn to an all-in-one design lessen administrative burdens, reduce costs, and reduce the staff needed to manage multiple systems, while creating an optimal learner experience.

Designated Technical Support

LMS platforms supported by a development team and IT specialists versus the ‘submit a ticket and wait for assistance‘ tactic provide tremendous value to an organization. Building a relationship with the designated support team establishes a deeper context for the organization’s needs which helps resolve issues faster and allows the LMS designers to help with recommendations.

Branding and Customization

Developing a high quality eLearning program is a tremendous investment and one of the most important components is aligning the program with the organization’s brand. LMS systems that offer customization enable the eLearning Program to match the same look, feel and experience of the company brand.

Where is your eLearning program heading in the future? Selecting a technology partner is an important decision.  Look at the “here and now,” but also at the organization’s strategic direction. An LMS system that allows for customization and program expansion will meet current needs but will also be able to expand with you.

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After registration:
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Select ‘Courses & Webinars’.
Select ‘Delivering a Unified Learning Experience: Featuring Dr. Amanda Batson’.
Select “Click to View Archived Recording”.
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Can your LMS system do all this for you and more? If you choose iCohere it can. Learn about our industry-leading features and ask for a free demo at, or see our world class service in action and call us at 202-870-6146.

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