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The Ultimate Guide for Marketing an Online Event [Free Ebook]

November 30, 2015 | Posted in Communities, Conferences, eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

When planning a marketing calendar for an online event, how far in advance of the event do you begin your marketing efforts?

Six months?

Three months?

Would it surprise you to know that successful online event marketing should begin about a year in advance? It’s also an ongoing initiative that doesn’t end directly after the event. In fact, large scale online events such as a conference, most often have actually evolved from other successful smaller events like a workshop or series of webinars.

A common misconception about online event marketing is that it is centered around one particular event and what is taking place that day. For something like a rock concert, that may be true, but for online events such as a workshop or conference, it absolutely doesn’t apply.

Many factors influence a person’s decision to attend an online event, from the date, to the material, to cost, to ongoing value received from attending the event. Successful marketing taps into these key decision-making factors, and using a variety of channels distributes content and messaging that repetitively demonstrates the value for participants. Most importantly, all of the strategies and tactics focus on the audience and are designed to add value and build stronger relationships.

Most often, organizations naturally progress using various types of online events, and it is through this natural evolution the organization grows an ideal audience for future events. With each event, the organization is establishing credibility with the audience and so when it is time for the next event, the audience knows exactly the quality to expect from the experience.

iCohere has been helping organizations of all sizes create interactive online events for 15 years, and we’ve taken our experience and shared proven tactics in a new eBook, Marketing an Online Event: Going from Promotions to Profit. The free guide is available for download from the iCohere Academy, and shares the many ways organizations are using a variety of online events to grow their audience and revenue.

Online Event Marketing Guide.jpgThe 33-page guide includes nearly 50 proven tactics for pre-event marketing to boost registrations, during-event marketing to keep the audience engaged and get them talking about the event, and post-event marketing to maintain contact with the audience and build stronger relationships, and ultimately support future events.

The guide includes links to videos, case studies, recorded webinars, and other resources to help plan a successful long-term event marketing campaign.

Download your free copy today!


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