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Why Organizations Need to Look Beyond Webinars with eLearning

May 27, 2015 | Posted in Communities, Concepts of Unified Learning, eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

Drive Engagement with eLearningIf you want to create awareness about your organization or share ideas, hosting a webinar is a perfect platform. The versatility of webinars is also beneficial as a teaching channel, a revenue stream, and list-building tool. But, while webinars are a fantastic tool for online learning, there are limits.

Lance Simon, vice president of client and government solutions with iCohere, says, “With webinars there is no continuation, no collaboration beyond the event, no access to the author or presenter, no community, no continued learning.”

Simon said organizations need to look beyond webinars and expand programs by integrating collaboration and community, as these are the features Next Generation eLearning demands.

Recent statistics from popular webinar platforms show that 88 percent of eLearners attend at least one webinar per week. However, only 16 percent prefer live webinars, which means many turn to the archive recordings, making engagement during the event even less likely.

Simon advises companies to consider merging learning events with community building tools and live events like webinars and webcasts in order to create a learning community. Research from San Francisco University shows that a learning community provides deeper, more meaningful, connected learning. It encourages collaboration among all participants and partners, and prepares participants for future trends in eLearning.

Soren Kaplan, Ph.D, co-founder of iCohere, created a whitepaper outlining effective strategies for collaborative learning and found in a survey of almost 2,000 learning professionals, “online community” was ranked as one of the top three most important components of eLearning portals.

Dr. Amanda Batson, founder of ADBPartners, said in a recent article that organizations need to deepen their commitment to dynamic eLearning that is truly unified. Batson says the evolution of eLearning in just the past decade confirms that more changes are coming, so it’s either plan and prepare, or be left behind.

Is your organization looking beyond webinars with eLearning? iCohere offers a library of free eBooks for download to help with launching a webinar, building a robust eLearning program, and creating an online community. For an even deeper look at the possibilities of Next Generation eLearning, get started with a behind-the-scenes demo.


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