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Four Tools For Promoting Your Online Event Speakers

April 28, 2015 | Posted in Conferences, eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

Are you promoting your event speakers as much as you should?

Facilitators of successful online events begin their event promotions with a strong focus on promoting the event speakers. Speakers, or subject-matter experts, are what fill event seats. It’s one of the reasons online events are so attractive to audiences, the audience members gain access to an industry expert at a fraction of the cost of a private training or meeting.

For your next event, use the ideas below when creating your speaker marketing campaign.

Create a Project profile on LinkedIn and a LinkedIn Showcase page

Every LinkedIn profile includes a section titled Projects. This is an optimal space to create a project about the event and connect with those who are involved in the event. Create a project description that highlights the value of the speaker. Use the linking feature to link the project to an event landing page that features more information about the speaker(s).

Alternatively or in addition to, create a LinkedIn Showcase Page to highlight the event and build relationships with the right target audience. For greatest success, create these items on LinkedIn well in advance of the event to allow time to grow a following.

Launch a series of Event Trailer Videos Showcasing the Speaker

Movie trailers capture the essence of a movie in 30 seconds to one-minute. This same tactic can be used for special events when promoting the event and the speaker. There are free tools like PowToon, and Virtual Dub as well as affordable paid programs.

Need ideas? Chic-Fil-A uses this strategy to promote its annual Leadercast event and the event speakers. Here’s their trailer for the 2015 Leadercast.

Chick Fil A LeadercastCreate an Animated Video Showcasing the Event and Speaker

Step on over to PowToon and check out the videos people have created to promote book launches. This same concept can be used to create a fun and engaging video about your event and the speakers. The video below was created by author Kate Russell when launching her book Working the Cloud.

Working the Cloud

Get Your Speaker Front and Center on Social Media

Give the audience access to the speaker before the event. Whether you host a special VIP group on Facebook or Google+, or open a discussion to the general public, social media is a perfect tool for building excitement about a speaker. Other ideas include hosting a speaker Q&A on your company’s blog or a micro Q&A on Twitter using an event #hashtag.

What can you add to this list of ideas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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