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Associations: Will the acquisition steal your members?

April 9, 2015 | Posted in Concepts of Unified Learning, Courses, eLearning Best Practices by icohere

LinkedIn for AssociationsDid you see the announcement?

LinkedIn is buying online educator Now 332 million members strong, LinkedIn is seeking ways to add value for members and at the same time create a new revenue stream.

What does this latest LinkedIn acquisition have to do with association membership?

According to the ASAE, the center for association leadership, members primarily join an association to have their professional needs satisfied. Key reasons include professional development or educational opportunities, and networking opportunities.

Association members are already on LinkedIn.

Like many businesses, associations use LinkedIn as part of their targeted member recruitment efforts. There is no other platform that gives the background information and easy ability to connect like LinkedIn provides. Association executives can search for prospective members using highly targeted, narrowly focused parameters such as profession, interests, or experience. Most associations also include LinkedIn as part of the social media marketing strategy.

Soon, association members will be able to reach their professional development goals using LinkedIn educational services.

According to an article on Mashable, Lynda appeals to individual professionals who are seeking to improve their skills or gain new skills, and also to public and government institutions. The Lynda catalog of courses enhances LinkedIn’s existing education services. The number and variety of courses is sure to expand once the acquisition is complete, based on the needs of LinkedIn members. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said he wants to make high-quality, skills-based learning-and-development content available to every LinkedIn member and a fundamental part of the LinkedIn platform.

Lack of professional development opportunities is one of the top three reasons association members leave. If members can get the programs they need from another source, what’s to stop them from going to that source?

The message from LinkedIn is, “We’re listening and we are taking action.”

Technology is changing the way we do business and association members are now demanding professional development opportunities that embrace technology, enable effortless collaboration, and most important, connect them with their peers.

What is the next step for associations?

Give members the services they need.

Since 2001, iCohere has been bringing full-service technology solutions to small, medium and large associations, non-profits, and government agencies. Next week, we are hosting several webinars to show you how to create the programs your members demand. Your association may also be eligible for our revenue-share partnership, which can help get your program up and running in no time. Thursday, April 16, 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. EasternUnified Learning.  In this fast-moving 30-minute educational webinar we demonstrate the power of unified learning and visit two different live case study client sites. Featuring guest co-host Dr. Amanda Batson. Friday, April 17, 1:00 – 1:30pm EasternVirtual Conferences.  Learn how associations are using virtual conferences to save time and money, while creating tremendous value for members. Friday, April 17, 2:00 – 2:30pm Eastern: Workshops and Courses.  In this 30-minute webinar, we look at two live case studies demonstrating how associations are creating opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and professional development using workshops and courses.

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The ease to acquire high-quality education for professionals needs to be in the fore-front of all association strategies. (and now LinkedIn) offers excellent “just-in-time” learning as well as more comprehensive courses. There are many similar companies, not of this size, that offer association-like training without the membership fee. Many of these training companies offer enterprise solutions that are easily integrated into a business’ LMS. A sound educational strategy and expertly designed courses can help you compete and bring in new revenue for your organization.


You’ve added a great point, Julie. A sound educational strategy and expertly designed courses can help you compete and bring in new revenue. Absolutely!