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Therapists Turn Their Expertise into Successful Online Courses

March 10, 2015 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices by icohere

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Do you have a training that could benefit a worldwide audience?

The counselors at The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska change lives. Their work is exceptionally important and is supported by the team’s unwavering commitment to provide hope and healing for children, adults and families.

Debra Wesselmann, MS, LIMHP, said the techniques the center uses make a difference. She said their center has children who come to them after years of a variety of therapies – play, family, in-home, talk – therapies that never seemed to make a dent in the behaviors. But their approach has changed that. The results are remarkable and they want as many therapists as possible to have access to the approach they follow.

To provide information and training to mental health therapists, a team from ATCN formed the Attachment and Trauma Center Institute (ATCI) and has hosted in-person workshops across the United States since 2010.

As the team continued to host training after training, in city after city, a few things started happening.

Wesselmann, an ATCI course presenter, said the travel and planning required to organize and host the trainings became burdensome. With every workshop, trainers were pulled away from their families for long periods of time. The budget was adversely affected by expenses from hotel stays, transportation, food – money that could have been used to create more programs and services.

The team felt they had to continue travelling because the audience demand for training was growing, and there was a greater turnout when the trainings were held where the market demand was high. People wanted the training to come to them and the team at ATCI was making sure that happened.

As expenses continued to grow, something had to change. And with change came a new challenge. They wanted to explore an online training option, but no one on the team had any technical experience or experience using online platforms. The biggest concern was the risk of adding more expenses to the training overhead by having to navigating multiple platforms and from getting the training they themselves would need to launch a successful online program.

Solution: iCohere Full-Service Revenue Partnership

In 2014, the ATCI team launched their online program using the iCohere Full Service Revenue Partnership.  iCohere served as the technical team and provided site and course setup, course catalog and production, registration and payment processing, and site branding. ATCI used their existing marketing plan and network relations to promote the online program.

Program Results:

Guide to Launching an eLearning Program

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With the very first online training, attendance doubled from the previous in-person workshops. ATCI is reaching therapists in parts of the world they would otherwise never have been able to reach. The all-in-one subscription with the iCohere platform includes using the system as a member portal, for webinars, for instructor-led and/or self-paced courses, and for virtual conferences. The team is able to host trainings more frequently and is planning to offer on-demand, self-paced courses during phase II of their expansion.

Do you have a successful training that could benefit a worldwide audience? If you’re not sure where to begin, download the free Guide to Launching a Successful eLearning Program and consider an iCohere behind-the-scenes demo.

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