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5 Steps To Creating More Interactive Webinars

January 21, 2015 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

iCohere Virtual ConferencesWebinars have proven to be an effective tool for positioning a company as an industry leader and educating existing or potential customers. Add lead generation to that list and you have the top three reasons businesses use webinars. But just because more businesses are turning to webinars as part of their communications and marketing strategies, doesn’t mean they will find success. With so much competition using the platform, it’s important that your webinars stand out. Here are five tactics you can implement with your next webinar.

1.  Fill a few seats with guest subject matter experts

Even when presenters ask questions, it’s tough getting participants to participate. In a live setting, the presenter can make eye contact and call on attendees. With webinars, attendees can sit comfortably behind their computer screen.  Increase interactions by inviting guest subject matter experts to fill a few seats and request they ask questions and provide their insight on the topic using a chat or questions.

2. Present in short segments using different digital channels.

Instead of clicking through a Powerpoint, take your webinar beyond Powerpoint by breaking the content into segments. Use a different digital channel during the segments, such as videos and live chats, or walk through a process using screen sharing.  For a one-hour webinar, a good rule of thumb is to switch up the content every 15 minutes, with the last 15 minutes being a Q&A segment. You might even consider allowing attendees to ask questions all throughout the webinar.

3. Provide content for review in advance of the webinar.

What’s the topic of your webinar? What valuable content can you give your audience in advance of the webinar that they can review? Consider a free eBook (or excerpt of the eBook), case study, or other material. At the start of the webinar, ask attendees questions about the content and engage them early on.

4.  Use trade show incentives.

When businesses exhibit at trade shows, many hold a drawing for a free giveaway. For attendees to be eligible to win the giveaway, they have to stop by the booth or submit a business card. Add a nice giveaway offer to your next webinar and recognize the winner during the start of the webinar. Ask the audience to give a shout out to the winner in the questions field. Allow the winner to share about their business with the audience (for just a minute or two.)

5. Co-host your webinars.

Some of the most engaging webinars are held using webcams that show the host and guest speaker via a split screen. It’s more personal for the audience to see the speaker and their facial expressions, and their live reaction to the content. Their personality shines through much louder.  Consider co-hosting your next webinar with an industry expert, subject matter expert, or guest and take advantage of the webcam feature. Tip: Make sure your co-host is engaging and not camera shy. And schedule at least two practice runs that you record and play back.

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