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Associations: Using Technology For Strategic Member Engagement

October 15, 2014 | Posted in Concepts of Unified Learning, eLearning Best Practices by icohere

Strategic Member EngagementTimes, they are a changing.  If you want your association to thrive this year and beyond, it’s time to look at new ways of doing business.

Technology is changing the way we do business and your members are now demanding more inclusive systems that embrace technology, enhance mobility, enable effortless collaboration, and most important, connect them with their peers.

In the article, Why Do Your Association Members Leave, author Steve Lane shares the results of a Strategic Member Engagement Survey. Lane cites three primary reasons association members leave.

  1. Insufficient perceived value (ROI)
  2. Joined for a one-time purchase discount (e.g. meeting registration)
  3. Insufficient connection to their business/professional objectives

To grow and retain membership, Lane recommends associations switch the conversation from “here’s what you get for your money” to “here’s the power of engaging with others in your industry/profession to create new, innovative solutions.” What’s most important is that associations give members the opportunity to harness that power.

Members crave community and connection.  What limits member engagement, however, is often opportunity to connect. To recruit and retain members, associations need to be available on all mediums where members can engage, including online. The internet provides a tremendous opportunity for associations to create strategic member engagement.

Capitalize on Technology using iCohere.

An association’s membership is dispersed, and relying on the internet for information.  It is the nature of associations that members are across the state, or country – sometimes the world.  Bringing educational programs and engagement opportunities to them in a single, unified online system is the ideal scenario.

Turn to Smart and Affordable Technology:

The internet places a litany of resources at your fingertips, and while the selection is expansive, having to navigate several different platforms and manage multiple accounts is cost prohibitive and time-consuming.  Just like the introduction of the iPhone, users want advanced features and they want one-stop shopping.

iCohere’s fully integrated platform, with many new unique features, provides a collaborative, all-in-one approach to member engagement. The program helps associations deliver webinars, instructor-led and self-paced courses, virtual conferences, and the all-important professional learning communities.

Focus on Ease-of-Use for both the Association and Members:

The iCohere platform requires no technical or programming expertise for program configuration. Webinars are hosted by Cisco System’s global server network and associations are supported by iCohere’s support team, and 24/7 WebEx® end user support, and personalized training specifically tailored to the association’s needs.

Choose a Solution that offers Branding and Customization:

Keep the association top-of-mind with a customized branded site.  iCohere 11 is designed to offer complete flexibility with configuration and branding.  Access to iCohere’s custom development team, design team, event management, and media productions is available with a click, email, or phone call. Every iCohere Unified Learning System is paired with one-to-one training, live support, and production services to ensure that you attain the solution you and your members require.

Since 2001, iCohere has been bringing full-service technology solutions to small, medium and large associations, non-profits, and government agencies. Take iCohere for a test drive in one of our webinars.

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