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Go Beyond PowerPoint With Your Next Webinar

October 2, 2014 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

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Is your webinar content doing its job?

During the past decade, webinars have made their mark in the marketing and communications arena. It’s one of the fastest ways to gather a group of ideal prospects. Webinars eliminate time and travel barriers and open your organization to a global audience.

Businesses of all kinds are adopting webinars as their most important platform.Whether you are using them to drive new members to your association, raise funds for your nonprofit, sell a product, or train new employees or volunteers, a webinar is one of the most effective tools. That is, if you are using the right webinar platform.

Because webinars are receiving such great press, more and more organizations are turning to them. As this happens, we are all targeting the same audiences and our prospects are being inundated with webinar invitations.

So how do you make your webinar the next “must-attend” webinar?

The answer is simple: Go beyond PowerPoint. Start by using the following list of questions to develop more engaging content for your webinars.

1.  What’s a common and pressing challenge for your audience?

Most people attend webinars to gain something. Your webinar should provide at least five to six benefits to the audience. Begin by clearly defining your audience and what is important to them. What needs or challenges to do they have? Once you know what is most important to them, help meet these needs and challenges in the form of content. This might include an expert guest, an eBook download, a how-to segment showing them specifically how to do something, or a toolkit they can download and get started with right away.

2. What forms of media work well with your audience?

Recent research has shown that people switch between three devices per hour and at an average of 21 times. Google calls this “constant connectivity.” With this change in our attention spans, you can count on your audience slipping away from your webinar to do other things. This brings us to the importance of mixing up media when creating a webinar.

If all you plan for your webinar is talking and flipping a few slides, you had better be a dynamic speaker (or famous) because our audiences are craving much, much more.  To keep your audience engaged, consider introducing a short video that supports the webinar topic. Take it a step further by putting together a portion of the webinar live, such as brainstorming a common problem on screen in front of and with your audience. Get them to vote and check in via comments and chat. For a one hour webinar, plan to change the content medium every 10 to 15 minutes.

3.  Who is attending your webinar?

Does your registration process give you enough information about your audience? One of the most effective strategies for live presenters is to get to know a few members of the audience before presenting. That way, they can mention them during the presentation and ideally better engage the audience. This strategy ties the audience to the topic. This same strategy can work for webinars. Plan your webinars well in advance and take time to get to know a few of your attendees. Find out what they are specifically hoping to gain from the webinar and use it to build part of your content.

Want more tips for developing and launching the perfect webinar? You’re in luck, iCohere just released a new eBook A Guide to Creating and Launching the Perfect Webinar. Join us for any of our upcoming October webinars and we’ll send you a copy free!



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