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Five Important Benefits of Virtual Events Producer Certification

September 10, 2014 | Posted in Conferences, eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

Why Virtual Events Producer Certification makes sense
for you 
and your organization.

Now more than ever, virtual events are offering strategic solutions to real world problems. This is especially true in the nonprofit and government sectors, where organizations are facing steep budget cuts, yet at the same time adhering to legislative mandates to improve operational efficiency.

The world of virtual events is an emerging market brought on by advancing technologies. While there are many products in the arena, products alone cannot host a successful virtual event. It takes the right virtual event platform, and the leadership of an event producer to convene the team and provide the expertise needed to be successful.

Here’s what certification in this role offers you and the organization.

1.  A strong foundation in an ever-changing industry.

New products, services, and creative ideas are launched every day in the virtual world. Without a strong foundation and understanding of the virtual industry, and its best practices, you risk making the wrong decisions for your organization going forward, and missing important opportunities.

2.  The power of knowledge.

It’s an old adage, but it stands true to this day: Knowledge is power. By establishing expertise as a virtual event planner, you equip yourself to recognize, and ultimately take advantage of, new virtual opportunities. The certification helps position the organization as one to follow in the industry, while helping to establish you as an industry expert and influencer.

3. Organizational success through technology.

At the core of any successful organization is a business strategy built around technology. While technology should not be used to replace people in providing quality customer service and program administration, it should be used to enhance these offerings. Technology will improve staff productivity, customer engagement, operational efficiency, and security. With the right platform and the right event producer, a virtual event will deliver superior participant engagement, higher quality content, and support the organization’s strategic direction.

4. A competitive advantage.

For both the organization you represent, and for your own career, certification provides a competitive advantage. Certification sets you apart from others in your field because it demonstrates your commitment to professional development, the industry, and your career. It further demonstrates your subject matter expertise and the organization’s leadership commitment to hiring and developing high caliber team members.

5. Increased ROI.

One of the greatest benefits of certification is the return on the investment for both you and your organization.  Virtual events save facility costs, travel costs, and entertainment costs, and the savings can instead be applied to expanding important programs. Finally, certification arms you with a strong skill set that will enable you to make a valuable contribution to other areas of the organization.

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