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Tuesday Tips & Tricks: The Importance of Webinar Run-Throughs

December 18, 2013 | Posted in eLearning Best Practices, Webinars by icohere

Lance A. Simon, VP Client Solutions

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Scheduling a webinar run-through is one of the best ways to keep nerves contained during a broadcast, both for you and for your presenter.  It’s such a simple step, but it is in fact a very crucial one to ensuring that your webinar is as successful and practiced as possible.  Here are some of the most important things to remember when scheduling your run-through and some of the reasons why this step cannot be skipped.

If you’re working with a presenter who is unfamiliar with webinars, you need to remember that this step is absolutely required.  Don’t take excuses from your presenter, whether they are of the “I’ve done this before many times” or “I’m too busy” variety.  You can frame it to your presenter that this is for your practice and benefit as much as theirs—this is the time for mistakes for both of you.  If you catch them now, you’re less likely to repeat them live.

If you’re working with a team of speakers, this is even more important.  You want your speakers to meet beforehand and build some chemistry.  Even if they’ve worked together before, this is still a good idea so that you can gauge how they present together and any trouble spots they might need to work out beforehand.  Whether working with a group or just an individual presenter, this is also a good time to work out the flow and timing for your program.  When will you take breaks, if you are taking a break, and when should you chime in to help moderate things?  Does your presenter have a tendency to go overlong or speak too quickly?  These are all important to note before your live webinar.

Finally, this is the perfect time to test out your presenter’s audio and video equipment.  Use the same equipment for both of you as you would for the “live show” so that you know ahead of time what might be a problem, and ideally, fix it before the presentation.  Not only will scheduling a run-through lead to a successful webinar for you, your presenters and your audience, but it will also buy you immeasurable peace of mind!

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