Our Webinar/Team Meeting Solution


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    • 200-seat room comes with every license
    • No iCohere advertising in registration forms, meetings
    • Entrance rolling slides
    • Slides, videos, music, PDFs, Word, Excel
    • IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari browsers (mobile coming soon!)
    • Custom branding with colors, photos
    • Integrated conference calls
    • Video and audio streaming, up to 6 at a time
    • On-demand recording
    • Slide annotation
    • Attendance reports, integrated with registration
    • Attendee breakout rooms via phone
    • Text chat, private and public
    • Polls
    • Q&A mode with question projection
    • Emoticons for participant status
    • Embedded links to documents and sites
    • Interactive Chat, Q&A messaging
    • Interactive polling
    • Whiteboard for group brainstorming
    • Full-color video streaming
    • Screen Sharing
    • Different speakers at different times
    • Up to six speakers at one time
    • Teleconference controls within the webinar
    • Audio over phone, Internet (VoIP), or both
    • Telephone-based breakout rooms
    • Streaming audio/video recordings
    • Upload and broadcast pre-recorded videos
    • Record your program; stream the archive in just minutes
    • ADA 508 compliant
    • Live captioning
    • Captioned meeting recordings
    • Background and font size controls for captions
    • Maximized screen with captioning
    • Keyboard controls for participants
    • Refer to our VPAT document for details
  • open/close feature list Customize your Registration and Payment Process

    • Registration pages with your branding exclusively
    • Time-limited coupons and member discounts
    • Free and paid registrations
    • Payment processing through PayPal®
    • Payment processing with no additional fees
    • Webinar archive sales
    • Premium content sales
    • Book and article sales


Jeremy Kershaw
Jeremy Kershaw
Development Team

“People are amazed at how robust our webinar system is, and yet so easy to use.

We provide free training and site administration support, plus we have great documentation and training videos in the iCohere Users Group community.

In addition to revenue-generating webinars, clients run interactive team meetings in their rooms, opening the streaming to various team members. There's huge value here, because you can enable anyone you want to define, start and manage unlimited meetings.”


Webinars/Team Meeting packages start at $7,715 (nonprofit) for a 200-seat room with streaming video and audio, registration and payment processing, recording and hosted meeting archives! (Plus a one-time $3,000 setup and training fee.)

The iCohere Webinar/Team Meeting Experience

Rich Simon

"Our webinar series has been fantastic.
iCohere has been a plum to work with and I don't see how our online programs could survive without them."

Rich Simon, Editor
Psychotherapy Networker

Psychotherapy Networker - The most honored publication in its field, the Networker is a clinical resource and teaching/learning community that helps psychotherapy professionals expand their knowledge, skills, and understanding as therapists.


Why does Psychotherapy Networker trust us?

Because iCohere powers Psychotherapy Networker's breakthrough PluggedIn Webcasts series -- exclusive, hour-long video conversations with world leaders in psychotherapy.

When PN came to us with unique needs that other cloud-based companies couldn't meet, we listened. Our Media team built a strong relationship with client Rich Simon based on trust, reliability and persistence, while we developed a specialized format that helped PN integrate new content and a high-priority registration process. Working together, we created a repeatable, highly profitable platform that met its educational goals and engaged its members.

For PN and For You: iCohere helps implement a webinar series that deepens loyalty and stickiness and increases your ROI, all at minimum cost and effort.
Learn More about the PN Story


TIPS from one of our Webinar/Team Meeting Experts

Q. We need to include both members and non-members in our programs. Can we do that?

A. Absolutely. You can include non-members in addition to the members for whom you have licenses. And all our subscriptions – even the 50 member level –include a 200-seat meeting room that can expand to 1000+ seats. You've got ample space for an extended audience.

Q. Can we customize a registration and payment process that's specific to our needs?

A. Yep. You can brand it, and you can create as many discount and registration codes as you want to identify different markets. You can even customize the messages to your registrants, such as confirmation messages and follow-up messages. iCohere also posts No Ads or Branding on your registration page. Interested in special discounts for members vs. non-members? Other discounts? We can arrange that too.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. There's no extra cost at all. The registration capability is included in the fees of clients with an iCohere subscription and if you process your payments through your PayPal account, iCohere adds no fees above what PayPal charges.

Q. Can we broadcast simultaneously from presenters located in different parts of the world?

A. You can. In fact, you can have as many as six concurrent presenters at any time, no matter where they are.

Q. What are the options for synchronizing video and audio?

A. There are a couple of strategies that can work. The first is to have all your presenters use Internet video and audio for their broadcasts. The second is to have presenters use the Internet for their video and a telephone conference line for their audio. We'll work together to figure out which approach works best for your production needs.

Q. We want our webinars to be really interactive. What do you recommend?

A. Of course, we have all the standard features – text chat, Q&A mode, hand raising, polls, etc. In addition we have lots of other favorite techniques, such as telephone break-out rooms and sub-groups built around special topics.

Q. Many of the presenters we invite have never done a webinar before and don't know what to do. How do they get trained?

A. We're different there. Unlike other vendors, we don't charge for support or training. As part of the training we provide to every client, we provide presenter training. We also provide video, documentation and a checklist that presenters can use as they're getting ready. Presenters generally find our webinar platform very easy to use; in fifteen minutes they'll get it.

Q. Our presenters aren't experienced with cameras. What do we do about that?

A. That's a common concern. One of our optional services is a webinar support package that includes presenter support. We make sure their equipment works, provide a checklist, and do a run-through with them so they understand exactly what their role is. Finally, we provide live tech support.

Q. Can we get a copy of our webinar from you? For our archives?

A. Yes, and quickly. We record your webinars, host them, and make them available usually within 30 minutes after the end of the webinar.

Q. Can I put the archives on my web site?

A. Yes. You get a link to the streaming archive that you can use any way you want. In fact, to increase their revenue, clients often re-sell the archives to other audiences.

Q. We produce webinars so people can get continuing education units. Do you have ways we can test them?

A. During and at the end of a webinar, you can bring people to an assessment that they can take to get credits. It's scored automatically and they can receive a certificate for their credits.

Q. I'm interested in team meetings. Can I do those?

A. Easily. All the capabilities of webinars are at your service for virtual team meetings, including the ability to have six presenters at any time. And by recording the meeting, people who can't attend can catch up later.

Q. How do we share documents during a meeting?

A. That's simple -- iCohere has a document library that's unlimited. But you can also bring up a document on the screen during the webinar for team editing.

Q. How can we take the webinar experience even higher?

A. We'll help you design before and after activities to keep the momentum going. Increase the value of your webinar by using it as a springboard for an ongoing learning community. Or launch a multi-day professional workshop. Or dig even deeper with a multi-week online conference! A webinar is either an end, or a beginning. The choice is up to you.

Are webinars enough? Can you accomplish even more?

With the iCohere All-in-One platform you can expand as your goals change. Go broader with an on-line course that builds a larger audience. Go deeper with a virtual conference that inspires collaboration. Build loyalty, learning, and increase your ROI. With the All-in-One you can access all our state-of-the-art features in a single package, with no new learning curve and no additional software. Take a look.