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For many organizations, webinars are the starting point for their involvement in online professional learning. Webinars require less preparation and less cost than developing full courses or conferences, are easier to manage and publicize, and require less time commitment from participants. iCohere gives you the advanced capabilities of Cisco WebEx plus integrated iCohere features for registration, payments, surveys, tests, certificates and more.

Utilize Integrated WebEx for State-of-the-Art Webinars

  • Display slides, videos, music, PDFs, Word, Excel and more
  • Polls, Chat, and Q&A mode
  • Distribute handouts in real time
  • Whiteboard for group brainstorming
  • Screen and application sharing
  • Interactive breakout-rooms for real-time collaboration
  • Include surveys, tests and certificates of attendance

Try Our Affordable Red Carpet Webinar Service!

  • Setup of your webinar and branded registration form
  • One (1) presenter run-through with slides and audio/video check
  • Attendee reminder notices
  • Attendee technical support provided worldwide by the Cisco WebEx team
  • One (1) technical assistance staff for live technical support and session monitoring
  • Reporting on webinar attendance
  • Additional production support services available

Broadcast Hi-Def and Standard Audio/Video

  • Hi-def and standard webcam streaming of up to six presenters at a time
  • Integrated audio using computer (VoIP) or telephone
  • Upload and broadcast pre-recorded videos
  • Unlimited streaming of recorded programs

Relax Knowing the System is Reliable, Secure, and Supported

  • Hosted by Cisco System’s global server network
  • Security options are customized to meet your organization’s requirements
  • All sessions are secured using SSL (https)
  • No advertising prevents distractions and malicious downloads
  • 24/7 toll-free end-user support from WebEx™
  • Personalized Administrator/Presenter support from iCohere
  • Attendance and Archive viewing reports

Customize Your Registration and Payment Processing

  • Branded catalogue of your webinar offerings
  • Branded registration process (or use your own)
  • Free and paid registrations
  • Time-limited coupons and member discounts
  • Payment processing through PayPal, Authorize.net, or your own merchant account (one-time customization charges may apply)

Meet Federal Accessibility Requirements

  • ADA 508 compliant
  • Live captioning
  • Captioned meeting recordings
  • Keyboard controls for participants
  • Refer to the WebEx VPAT document for details


Can we customize the registration and payment process to our specific needs?
Yes. You can brand the registration form and create as many discount and registration codes as you need. You can also customize the confirmation and follow-up messages you send out to registrants.
Are there ads on the registration pages or in the webinar room?
No. iCohere posts no ads anywhere in your site. But you can do so, if you wish.
How much does iCohere’s registration feature cost?
There’s no extra cost at all. The registration capability is included in your iCohere subscription. Payments are processed directly into your PayPal, Authorize.net or other merchant account. iCohere adds no fees above what your merchant account charges.
Can presenters located in different parts of the world broadcast simultaneously?
They can. In fact, you can have as many presenters as you need, no matter where they are. Just as with television newscasts, there may be some slight time delay if your presenters are located in different countries.
What are the options for using video and audio?
WebEx provides an integrated audio and video experience. Up to six presenters or panelists can broadcast their video to attendees. All participants have the choice to join the audio portion of the webinar/meeting either through their computers or by dialing into the provided telephone conference line.
We want our webinars to be really interactive. What do you recommend?
We have all the standard features-- text chat, Q&Amode, hand raising, polls, shared annotation capability, etc. In addition, you can create breakout rooms for small sub-groups to discuss designated topics or just to interact with one another. iCohere’s WebEx implementation provides as interactive a webinar/meeting environment as you will find anywhere.
Some of our staff and many of the presenters we invite have never done a webinar before and don’t know what to do. How do they get trained?
We don’t charge to personally train your staff on any portion of our Unified Learning system, including WebEx. We can also provide additional training as needed to your presenters for a modest fee. Since you and your presenters will have access to training videos and documentation, additional personal training may not be necessary, but it is available.
Our presenters aren’t experienced with webcams. What do we do about that?
That’s a common concern. One of our optional services is a webinar support package that includes presenter support. We make sure their equipment works and do a run-through with them so they understand exactly what their role is. In addition, we provide live tech support during their webinar.
Can we make archives available for those who cannot attend or those who want to review the presentation?
Yes. You can record any of your sessions and you can make them available, either for free or for a fee, to anyone you wish. iCohere does not charge you a surcharge either for storage, nor for the number of people who view your archives.
Can I put the archives on my website?
Yes. You get a link to the streaming archive that you can use any way you want. You can make them available for free from your public website or to increase revenue, you can re-sell the archives to other audiences.
After a webinar, students have to take a test and fill out an evaluation form to earn continuing education units. How can we do that?
iCohere’s Unified Learning System includes assessments and survey capabilities, so you can push out a test and/or evaluation at the end of the webinar. The test is scored automatically and your attendees can receive a certificate for their attendance or credits.
I’m interested in small team meetings, as well as webinars. Can I do those?
Easily. All the capabilities of webinars are at your service for virtual team meetings. And by recording the meeting, people who can’t attend can catch up later.
Can we share handouts and other documents before, during and after a meeting?
Yes, with iCohere’s Unified Learning Management System, it’s simple to provide background documents before your meeting, pass out handouts during your session, and distribute follow-up materials afterwards. You simply upload your materials to our multimedia Resource Center, then distribute them from there whenever they are needed. You can also transfer files to attendees during the webinar.
How do we lift the webinar experience even higher?
We’ll help you design before and after activities to increase engagement and learning. You can use your webinars as a springboard for an ongoing learning community of practice, as part of a multi-day professional workshop, or in a multi-week online course or virtual conference! We’ll guide you through these and other options.


A lesson from the Nautilus: The chamber we occupy today will eventually be outgrown.

Which is why you can grow into new, larger chambers within iCohere's Unified Learning System.

Unified Learning Advantages

  • Integrate webinars into your courses at no additional cost
  • Create self-paced courses from webinar archives and content
  • Design multi-day virtual conferences with breakout sessions
  • Use Webex’s high-definition video streaming to turn your in-person meetings into hybrid conferences
  • Add one-to-one, small group, and special interest group (SIG) video conferencing to your communities of practice

Unified Learning Features


iCohere’s Unified Learning System includes Community Hosting, plus all the following: a 1000 seat WebEx Webinar room, the Learning Management System for courses with catalogues, registration, classrooms, assessments and certificates, and the Virtual Conference infrastructure. One price creates a Unified Learning Experience. view pricing options

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Case Studies


The Library of Congress (LoC) is the largest library in the world, with more than 158 million items on approximately 838 miles of bookshelves. The collections include more than 36 million books and other print materials, 3.5 million recordings, 13.7 million photographs, 5.5 million maps, 6.7 million pieces of sheet music and 69 million manuscripts.

For decades, the Library of Congress catalogued all these items using a cataloguing standard called AACR (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules). In June 2010, a new standard was released in part as a step toward creating a global standard that could be used in non-English language library systems.

Called RDA (Resource Description and Access) and adopted by the Library of Congress in 2012, this new standard presented LoC with the typical problem faced by any association or government agency that is experiencing growth and change: how do you train a widely dispersed core of professionals, some of whom work for your agency or organization, and many who do not, to bring them up-to-date with new guidelines and standards?

One unit within the Library of Congress that embraced this challenge is FEDLINK, the Federal Library and Information Network. As the formal support and training network for federal libraries in the use of online library/information services, FEDLINK’s training staff began developing a series of webinars to train both US-based and overseas librarians on both the principles of RDA and the RDA tools available through LoC’s Online Computer Library Center. FEDLINK uses iCohere’s webinar services for this on-going training and educational effort.