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Every one of our employees at iCohere is dedicated to the same principles on which our company was founded. They work with clients, and each other, in the true spirit of collaboration and with a shared respect for learning and vigilance to the needs of others.

Top performers? Thats all we've got.


Training Services

Robyn Moulding  Director of Training

We've made sure iCohere is easy to configure and simple to use. But that doesn't mean you don't have choices. We want you to think beyond our core features and capabilities and take full advantage of the many options that will make your site uniquely your own. So every new client receives personalized training from one or more members of our team, and not one-size-fits all training.

We listen carefully to your aspirations and provide the documentation, training videos and personal instruction to guide your site administrators along the path to realizing your unique objectives.

Robyn Moulding
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"I've worked with numerous learning platforms and the people at iCohere are definitely at the top of the list. With over five years of collaborating with them, my love for this group is still growing. Though we're a small organization with a tiny budget, the staff at iCohere has consistently treated us as if we are their most important client. Robyn shows a contagious vibrancy in the way she explains how things work. She expands her enthusiasm not only for iCohere but for the projects we're undertaking, as if we were an integral part of iCohere. I don't ever recall Robyn saying, We can't do that. My gratitude to Robyn and to all at iCohere. Though we maintain a professional relationship, I can also say I think of them as friends "

Tony Krisak
Director of Online Services
Paulist Evangelization Ministries (PEM)
Washington, DC