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Every one of our employees at iCohere is dedicated to the same principles on which our company was founded. They work with clients, and each other, in the true spirit of collaboration and with a shared respect for learning and vigilance to the needs of others.

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Quality Assurance/Control Team

Lynn Hogarth Director, QA/QC Team

Lynn Hogarth

Lynn Hogarth
Director QA/QC

You'll probably never meet them or even talk to them, but in some ways none of the staff at iCohere is closer to you than our "testers." In fact, they are you. It's the role of the QA/QC Team to put itself in the place of the client/user, and make sure our software works just as it should and just as you need. They try out every click, icon, link and interface. They check the navigation and functionality with a scrupulous eye, test the user guides you rely on, and ensure that our software works with all the common browsers and mobile devices you'll be using. Our testers take nothing for granted. As a result, you can sit at your keyboard and take everything for granted, from login to logoff.

Lynn Hogarth

Monika Basora
Senior Software Tester

World Vision

"The iCohere technology platform provided the tools we needed to build, nurture, and move our technical community of practice into strategic impact. The platform is stable, easy to access, intuitive for users, simple and yet powerful for administrators to configure."

William O. Lowrey. Ph.D.
Former Director of Peacebuilding
World Vision International