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Every one of our employees at iCohere is dedicated to the same principles on which our company was founded. They work with clients, and each other, in the true spirit of collaboration and with a shared respect for learning and vigilance to the needs of others.

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Strategy Consulting

Pascal Kaplan, CEO

Building an online learning community is a new experience for just about everyone. But not for us. Through more than ten years of experience, iCohere has developed proven strategies for optimizing the learning community experience. We can help you design sites and roll-out plans that attract a broader audience, fully engage your participants, increase your ROI, and lead to lasting connections and long-term learning. And we can do the same for your virtual conference or professional development courses. We're ready to educate you – so you can educate them.

Pascal Kaplan
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"Pascal is a true partner. I love the depth of his commitment in each and every conversation we have about designing collaborative online communities. He brings expertise, passion, and creativity to the building of innovative solutions for bringing people together, building upon strengths, and fostering community. He always advances ideas with break-through inspirations that elevate our thinking to a new and higher level. In addition to his skills, Pascal is a man of great integrity and caring, qualities that make it impossible to not love working with him."

Kristin Bodiford
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