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Every one of our employees at iCohere is dedicated to the same principles on which our company was founded. They work with clients, and each other, in the true spirit of collaboration and with a shared respect for learning and vigilance to the needs of others.

Top performers? Thats all we've got.


Media Production

Jim MacKinnon Producer

You know what you want to say. Now, you've got to get people to listen. But few of our clients have the software, technical skills, or staff time to create the dynamic multimedia presentations that are needed for their online events or communities

So our media production team works closely with you to skillfully produce narrated PowerPoint presentations, training videos, webcasts, and other media projects that deliver the lively, interactive learning experiences your students and members expect.

Jim MacKinnon
PEM logo

"Jim MacKinnon is an amazing man with amazing talents. He is endlessly a pleasure to work with and has immense patience and skills. He thrives on creating solutions to every technical challenge and on creating products with nothing less than greatness in mind."

Howard Glasser
Author and Creator of The Nurtured Heart Approach;
Executive Director, The Children's Success Foundation

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