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Every one of our employees at iCohere is dedicated to the same principles on which our company was founded. They work with clients, and each other, in the true spirit of collaboration and with a shared respect for learning and vigilance to the needs of others.

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Virtual Event Management

Patricia O'Leary Virtual Event Manager

There's a change taking place in the learning field and it's a change that requires special skills and fresh approaches. Many organizations transitioning from live conferences and courses to a virtual environment, need help in managing these new events. Enter our Event Management Team. We assist you in structuring cloud based conferences and course environments for maximum impact and ease of use by students and attendees. In addition to website configuration, we coordinate production timelines for marketing, content development, presenter training, custom recordings and attendee communications.

Patricia O'Leary
Ovation Net logop

"Working with Patricia O'Leary doesn't feel like work at all – it feels like collaborating with a friend. I love the way that she approaches every task with enthusiasm, dedication, and care. Looking back across the many projects I have had the pleasure of working on with Patricia, I can say with confidence that she was a key success factor in all of them! Thanks!"

Lindsey N. Godwin, Ph.D.
Facilitator/Organizer, Appreciative Inquiry
Co-leader, OvationNet.com

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