You can make money (and much, much more) with us

You already have some idea of what you're investing in building an online learning site –cost, time, energy and commitment. But what exactly is your return?

If, by necessity, you're a revenue-driven organization, you're seeking ways to cover your costs and increase your profits. With iCohere's Unified Learning Management System and proven engagement strategies, you'll find those ways. Lots of them.

But, like the chambered nautilus, none of us lives in a single chamber. Indeed, the value of your organization's efforts extends far beyond dollars and cents. Being able to offer webinars, online courses, virtual/hybrid conferences, and/or a community of practice delivers enhanced value that can't be evaluated with a calculator. These added benefits have long-lasting, transformative effects both on your organization and your participants. And that's especially important to associations, mission-driven organizations, and government agencies.

Revenue Generation

  • Tuition from live webinars, instructor-led courses, and virtual conferences
  • Incremental registration fees from offering virtual access to an in-person conference
  • Sales of archived webinars
  • Sales of self-paced courses
  • Fees for CE credits
  • Sponsorship and ads
  • Promotion and sales of books, recordings and additional products and services
  • Virtual Exhibit Booths

With online programs, increasing the number of participants can significantly increase your revenue with only a negligible increase in cost. Whether 50 or 100 or 500 people register, your costs differ only slightly, if at all, meaning your potential for profit is a steady swing upward.


  • Eliminate travel and accommodation costs.
  • Star presenters can be recruited more easily – at a lower cost – because they can present from home or wherever they are in the world.
  • Digital delivery means lower paper, printing and publishing costs

Using iCohere's service staff to handle production, help desk, program management and communications tasks adds more value to organizations with limited staff and expertise. Turn the responsibility over to us, save the expense of hiring additional staff, and move forward much more quickly delivering new revenue-generating programs.

Expanded/Enhanced Value

  • Affirm social responsibility principles by reducing the environmental impact of your programs
  • Increase member engagement
  • Position your organization as the all-in-one Unified Learning provider of learning for your profession
  • Expand your outreach and international visibility to new audiences

Stickiness and loyalty: your audiences look to you for all their professional learning.

And Your Audiences Benefit As Well

  • Eliminates travel and accommodation expenses
  • Reduces valuable time away from the office
  • Participating at their own convenience
  • Increased opportunities to connect with global experts
  • Expanded networking opportunities
  • Share their expertise more widely

As the Nautilus grows into a new chamber, it brings with it all it has experienced and learned before.

Which is true for adminstrators who expand their use of iCohere’s Unified Learning System.

Triple Return on Investment

  • Financial benefits (for your organization)
  • Social benefits (for people and community)
  • Sustainability benefits (for our planet)

Our system delivers them all.

The iCohere Unified Learning Management System gives you maximum content at minimal cost, and far more value than your financial investment.

Lance A. Simon addresses
the Virtual Edge Summit 2012

Your numbers go up!

One of the biggest advantages of virtual conferences is the increase in audience. This quickly translates into an increase in revenue. Check out these numbers:

  • On average, 90% of organization members don't attend live conferences.
  • 50% to 86% of virtual attendees have never attended a live conference.
  • As many as 40% attending a virtual conference then attend the physical conferences that follow