iCohere Pricing

No Surprises and Lots of Choices

We're at the threshold of a new collaborative and cooperative world in which people across the globe can openly share ideas, problem-solve, learn, and synthesize information and experience for mutual benefit. All of this is now possible.

But not if it's unaffordable.

At iCohere we're committed to pricing that sustains our company and staff, yet enables a diverse group of clients to participate in this ever-broadening stream of life that includes technology and its unlimited potential for bringing knowledge and people together. Our pricing is honest, inclusive, and designed so that organizations both large and small can achieve their goals and further their cause.

For the dollars and cents details, please read below.


Lance Simon VP Client Solutions

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I've been selling and shaping technology solutions for organizations large and small since 1984. Many things have changed since then, including the meaning of Mice, Apples and Windows. We may be entering a new era of almost unlimited potential to connect and communicate across the barriers of time and space - but when it comes to pricing I find the more things change, the more they stay the same. People still appreciate fair and reasonable prices that don't fluctuate, and they feel cheated by hidden costs or being nickeled and dimed whenever they need something extra. So we price iCohere the way we wish all pricing would be – reliable, simple, and honest.

And you won't see advertisements!
iCohere ads never show up in our system.
Sites are branded by and for YOU.

Our Pricing includes:

  • All 15+ modules for one annual price
  • As many iCohere web sites as you need
  • Unlimited use of the system in support of your licensed
    number of users
  • Unlimited uploads and replay of videos, with no time limits
  • Unlimited back-to-back webinars with audio/video streaming

Here's what we DON'T charge for:

  • 6+ hours of 1-1 web-based administrator training
  • Administrator technical support or user login support
  • System upgrades
  • Mobile device access

The Popular Choice

Most of our clients prefer the Cloud annual subscription model, in which we do the hosting and managing. We offer subscription pricing at different commercial, nonprofit and government rates. Our nonprofit annual pricing begins at just $7,350 for 50 enabled users. And we offer a 6% discount for two-year subscriptions paid in advance.

We also provide the iCohere platform on a per-event basis for online conferences and meetings. Our team supports virtual and hybrid meetings with a full suite of production services including presentation recordings, live captioning, on-site video streaming, and event facilitation services.

Lastly, we offer a traditional license model, for larger clients or those needing a customized installation. In this case, the clients purchase a one-time license for a given number of enabled users and then install the iCohere system software on their own IT infrastructure. This type of license includes first-year maintenance (upgrades and support). Beyond the first year, we offer annual maintenance at 15% of the original license price – we do NOT increase the annual maintenance charge over time.

Reliable. Simple. Honest.

Please call or email me anytime for our complete price list