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No Surprises and Lots of Choices

At iCohere we're committed to affordable pricing that enables a diverse group of clients to participate in unified learning. Pricing of our system is designed so that organizations both large and small can achieve their goals and further their causes.

Four Popular Choices:

Annual Subscription Model

Most of our clients prefer the Cloud annual subscription model, in which we do the hosting and managing. We offer subscription pricing at different commercial, nonprofit and government rates. Our nonprofit annual pricing begins at just $11,185 for 100 enabled users. And we offer a discount for two and three-year subscriptions paid in advance.

Per Event Model

We also provide the iCohere platform on a per-event basis for online conferences and meetings. Our team supports virtual and hybrid meetings with a full suite of production services including presentation recordings, live captioning, on-site video streaming, and event facilitation services.

Revenue Sharing Partnership Model

We offer a multi-year revenue sharing partnership for clients who are just getting going with their online learning programs. In this model, you have access to our complete Unified Learning System, as well as to our production services team. Our costs are covered over time from sharing the revenues from the webinars, courses, and conferences you offer. There is a modest annual minimum revenue commitment. Thanks to this partnership model, organizations whose constrained budgets would not otherwise enable them to sponsor online programs are able to jump in and serve their members and constituents.
Additional details for non-profit organizations and independent practitioners...

Perpetual (Premise-based) License Model

For larger clients or those needing a customized installation, we offer a traditional license model. In this case, clients purchase a one-time license for a given number of enabled users and install the iCohere system software on their own IT infrastructure. This type of license includes first-year maintenance (upgrades and support). Beyond the first year, we offer annual maintenance at 15% of the original license price – we do NOT increase the annual maintenance charge over time.

Our Pricing includes:

  • All 20 modules of the iCohere Unified Learning System for one annual cloud subscription price
  • As many course, conference, and community sites as you need
  • Extensive one-to-one, start-up training sessions
  • Mobile device access
  • Unlimited use of the system in support of your licensed number of users
  • Unlimited back-to-back webinars with audio/video streaming
  • Unlimited uploads and replay of videos and webinar archives, with no time limits and no embedded ads (up to 2GB video files)
  • Unlimited site administrator technical support via email and phone
  • End-user login support
  • All system upgrades

Options we charge for:

  • Single Sign-on and API configuration
  • SCORM course usage
  • Production services to create recorded presentations or SCORM courses
  • Add-on production services for hybrid conferences
  • Specialized branding services
  • Webinar support packages
  • Custom development services

The Nautilus' shell, strong as it is, is translucent.

iCohere's pricing and sales process is transparent, without surprises, hidden fees or unstated conditions.

Are you ready for a demo or have questions about pricing?

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Lance A. Simon, CVEP
Executive Vice President

gsa logo Additional discounts are available to government agencies through these GSA schedules

GSA IT Schedule 70
Contract No. GS-35F-0490U
SINS 132.32 and 132.33

GSA AIMS Schedule 541
Contract No. GS-07F-430AA
SINS 541.3 and 541.2000

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