Our Partners

They start out as clients – we start out as vendors
But it soon becomes something else


Due to a shared vision, mutual dedication, and a complimentary exchange of skills and tools, many organizations and people have joined with iCohere in projects that extended beyond our original ideas and resulted in long-term relationships based on deep professional trust and commitment. Together, we're exploring new collaborative ventures and learning experiences we hope will push the boundaries of the field. We invite all our clients with similar aspirations to join us.


David Cooperrider Appreciative Inquiry

photo of David Cooperrider

David's founding work in the principles of Appreciative Inquiry has created a positive revolution in the field of organizational change, helping institutions all over the world mobilize the speed of collective imagination and innovation. It brings together hundreds — and sometimes thousands ― of people in a compelling process that leads to new business models and actionable projects. more

iCohere often works with organizations to expand the impact of their change initiatives, so a partnership with David was a natural progression of our initial relationship. We developed a customized online platform and collaborative website called OvationNet that merges online learning and web community technologies with Appreciative Inquiry. It provides information on currently available online AI workshops, elearning, and toolkits. We then helped design the workshops, working to translate a face-to-face learning experience into a vibrant and immersive virtual online environment.

"OvationNet® is the result of my close collaboration with iCohere, and combines the best of AI with online learning and web collaboration tools, providing new resources for consultants, researchers, and organizations. These online tools provide ways to engage stakeholders who might otherwise not be able to participate in the positive change process." David Cooperrider

iCohere also collaborated in the design of the Global Summit on Social Responsibility, led by David and connecting fifteen U.S. locations, five international locations, hundreds of virtual participants and approximately 400 participants. In addition to co-creating the Summit, we built the interactive online Summit website that allowed for active global participation and partnering closely with David, customized our software to serve the needs of virtual AI Summit participants.



WASC Western Association of Schools and Colleges


One of six regional accrediting associations in the United States, WASC serves over 4,500 public, independent, church-related, and proprietary pre-K–12 and adult schools, works with 16 associations in joint accreditation processes, and collaborates with other educational organizations.iCohere partnered with them to provide individual schools a web-based platform for managing the school's ongoing accreditation process. more

We initiated their 2-year accreditation program by creating the online Accreditation-Plus -- a suite of tools that streamlined and simplified the process, including convenient self-study periods. Paying close attention to feedback from the organization and site users, we've consistently adapted to their needs and changing goals. Besides providing them since 2004 with our software, iCohere also created and maintains their website, as well as their elaborate database that tracks 4000 volunteers and 5000 schools.


Howard Glasser The Nurtured Heart Approach

photo of Howard Glasser

Howard is the Executive Director of the Children's Success Foundation, designer of the widely acclaimed Nurtured Heart Approach and co-author of Transforming the Difficult Child, currently the top-selling book on the subject of ADHD. We took the cutting-edge material of this dynamic educator and helped him develop it into online professional development courses and webinars. more

The Nurtured Heart Approach is now available to an even broader audience of aspiring nurturers throughout the world and provides Continuing Education units for professionals in psychology and education.

"The Nurtured Heart Approach is extraordinary, and teaching this approach is a perfect fit for collaborative eLearning," says Pascal Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of iCohere. Now teachers, parents and practitioners worldwide can experience Howards's wisdom and the utility of his solutions for not only the challenging child but all children."

Children's Success Foundation

The Council for Professional Recognition

CDA Logo

At iCohere we have a special affinity with organizations that promote learning and education. We shared the CDA view that professionals in early childhood development have too important a mission to spend their limited time in a lengthy and complicated credential process. So we partnered with them to create a new online application process that enables candidates to apply for and renew their CDA credentials quickly and easily. more

"The previous paper-based process was arduous for everyone," commented Valora Washington, Ph.D., President, CEO and Chairman of the Council. "The efficiency of the new system is immense. Our new YourCDA online credential application and renewal system is a tremendous advancement for us, and for those we serve."

Users were equally impressed by the efficiency and convenience of the new system.

"The online process is awesome!! Way more efficient and less stressful! Totally the way to go--I will highly recommend this method to everyone. Thank you so much for this great alternative." CDA applicant

"The process for renewal could not have been easier! Thank you so very much for making it possible for me to continue with what I love to do - teach young children!" Karen Crow

For those who love teaching or love to help those who teach…we love to help.


Psychotherapy Networker

psychotherapy Networker Logo

All our partners are risk-takers, willing to take a chance on a new idea, as iCohere itself did in its early pioneering of online collaboration platforms. PN was no exception. When we suggested online conferences, they partnered with us to create a state-of-the-art conference experience that reached and engaged professionals worldwide. more

Our relationship with PN started because they had a problem -- the company they were using couldn't solve their special needs, including the goal to fully integrate their registration process in the online environment. We helped them build a model for their new content, brought together our features and their elements in a unique format, and created a repeatable, highly profitable platform that met their educational needs. They talked, we listened, and our flexibility and commitment to their needs created a deeper relationship based on mutual trust and shared goals. PN ceased to be a client and became a partner.

Psychotherapy Networker