The Rich, Versatile, Everything-You-Need Features
of Our All-in-One Platform

Use some, use many, use them all.

Select the ones that meet your current needs and as those needs change and expand, add others.

Because iCohere's All-in-One is a fully integrated system, you can extract and combine any of the features below to create an environment that fits the precise purpose and goals of your group. And you don't need technical or programming expertise for any of our features. In fact, most can be simply turned "On" or "Off" by site administrators whenever they like. NO programming is required!

Our system is designed to be as easy and flexible as possible.
But if you should need help – we're here.

Core Features

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WELCOME PAGE — welcome users and orient them to the site and its options

welcome module
  • Create and customize your online event with ease using the welcome template
  • Include a streaming site tour with general instructions
  • Design a custom welcome presentation with your own narration
  • Embed a graphic or photograph, and make it clickable so it links to a prerecorded presentation

ANNOUNCEMENTS — communicate timely information to site members

announcements module
  • Send news and updates to your community
  • Attach files and website links
  • Embed images, and make them clickable so they link to a website, prerecorded presentation, or learning object
  • Create multiple-choice polls or RSVPs
  • Forward announcements to members' external email
  • Poll members and receive their responses directly through email

DISCUSSION FORUMS — for online learning, workgroup collaboration, and more

discussions module
  • Create multiple public or private discussion areas and topics
  • Rate entries and search by rating (both yours and average)
  • Send new posts to external email via the built-in list server functionality
  • Attach files and website links
  • Designate discussion areas open to public (all members), private (assigned groups), or guests (read-only) access
  • Allow anonymous posts
  • Archive and restore closed topics
  • Search content of discussion area/topic
  • Receive nightly or weekly digests of posts via email

MEDIA PLAYERYouTube like player but without the ads and time limits

Media module
  • Multimedia content can be embedded online in announcements, discussion areas, the Welcome Page, the Help Desk, and Member Profiles
  • All popular video formats are supported, up to 1GB per file
  • No time limit on videos
  • Auto-sense streaming for Apple, Droid, Windows, Blackberry mobile devices
  • YouTube® and Vimeo® videos can be embedded
  • Player is free of advertising

iCOHERE MOBILE — for Blackberry, Droid, iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones

iCohere mobile
  • Access iCohere site features from your phone
  • Log in to iCohere from mobile browsers
  • View discussion topics and post messages
  • View site resources: member directory, documents, messages, discussions, announcements, Help Desk
  • High quality video replays

RESOURCE LIBRARY — document repository and management system

resources module
  • Configure 15 levels of folders and subfolders, 10GB standard document storage
  • Track versions and document check-in and check-out
  • Rate and comment on documents
  • Email notifications when a document is uploaded or replaced (uploaded files are checked with Norton Anti-Virus Enterprise software)

WEB FORMS — forms-based data gathering tool

WebForms module
  • Create custom forms for capturing, searching, and sharing information
  • Design a simple template to customize data entry
  • Rate and comment on web forms
  • Build unlimited data fields and enforce validation rules
  • Search and sort data
  • Export to Excel format

CHAT ROOMS — areas for scheduled or spontaneous online meetings

  • Create unlimited meeting rooms that can be assigned to specific groups
  • Offer moderated or open sessions and/or roundtable panel discussions
  • Upload and share files and URL links
  • Post responses publicly or privately to selected participants
  • Generate and save transcripts automatically

WEBCAST / WEBINAR ROOM — a high-end web conferencing facility 

WebinarRoom module
  • 200-seat room with unlimited back-to-back meetings (1,000+ seat room available)
  • Streaming audio (VoIP) and webcam video, up to 6 concurrent presenters
  • Application and desktop sharing
  • Recording and streaming archive playback
  • Online meetings that include iCal objects for linking to Outlook, Lotus, Google, etc.
  • Integration with iCohere reporting
  • Integration with phone conference calls for streaming and recording

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT PROCESSING — integrated signup forms for events & items

Registration module
  • Customizable forms for event or item registration
  • Flexible discount codes by date, amount and percentage
  • Purchasers automatically added to specified iCohere groups
  • Email templates for customized transaction notices
  • "Save As" for easy replication of registration forms
  • PayPal friendly
  • NO transaction fees to iCohere

QUICK MEETINGS — spontaneous online chats with text and video

Quick Meetings
  • Instantly create an online meeting between two or more members
  • Create a meeting space, with no special administrative setup
  • Allow members to decline invitations to meet
  • Skype video-chat or use iCohere webcast room for instant meetings

PROJECT TASK TRACKER — a task management tool for groups and teams

  • Organize and track an unlimited number of projects
  • Create unlimited hierarchical task/sub-task lists for each project
  • Assign individuals or teams to tasks
  • Track progress by status and due dates

MESSAGES — an email system for site members

  • Send, reply and forward messages to individuals or group(s)
  • Include web links, attachments, even web pages using the HTML editor
  • Organize messages in an unlimited number of folders/sub-folders
  • Forward messages to recipient's external email address

CALENDAR — social networking tools

calendar module
  • Shared calendar or private calendar options
  • Calendar items color-coded by type
  • iCal attachment for calendar items (save to Outlook, Lotus, Google, etc.)
  • Shared calendar access based on group/team permissions
  • Notifications and reminders of upcoming events
  • RSVPs/polls link to calendar entries
  • Web links and attachments included in calendared events

MEMBER PROFILES — a searchable list of site members

  • New members prompted to complete their profile
  • Required fields created by site administrators with a pre-defined template
  • Any number of text-based, numeric, or date fields
  • Fields can be fill-in text, drop-downs, or radio buttons
  • Social site links for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, and more

WEB LINKS — essential links to other websites

WebLinks module
  • Provide users with easy access to community-related websites
  • Create unlimited categories and/or folders for organizing website links
  • Allow access based on group permissions

MEMBER DIRECTORY — a searchable list of site members

MemberDirectory module
  • Search and filter based on member profile fields and group memberships
  • Photo may be added to the directory
  • Members' profiles may be displayed for networking within the community
  • Export user information to Outlook (VCF format)

PHOTO ALBUMS — bulk upload photos, add captions and share

Photo Albums
  • Upload, preview and rearrange photos
  • Set names and captions for each photo
  • View photos in "Gallery" or "Slide Show" mode
  • Attach albums to discussions, announcements, profiles, forms

PREFERENCES — members can customize their individual site settings

Preferences module
  • Edit your personal profile and contact information
  • Set options for receiving messages (or not) in your external email
  • Subscribe to discussions and digests
  • Choose time zone and language options

SITE SEARCH — fast ways to find pertinent content in the site

Search module
  • Keyword search on all site modules and content
  • Selection of which features/modules to search
  • Display of new items since last login
  • "Deep Search" of content within uploaded files

CUSTOM MENU BUTTONS — enable extra content specific to your needs

Custom Menu Buttons
  • Create new menu buttons that link to external websites, web applications, or additional discussion areas within the site
  • Create a custom menu to integrate third-party or proprietary web-based tools

BLOGS — single-author posts for notes and/or commentary

  • Create and contribute to a blog by individual or team
  • Post graphics and links
  • Allow or disallow comments
  • Create private (inside iCohere only) or public (posted on a website) blogs

ADA SECTION 508 SUPPORT — for users needing high accessibility

508 Support
  • Compliancy with Section 508 usability guidelines
  • Section 508 support (with the same features as iCohere Mobile, above)

HELP DESK — an easy way for users to ask for assistance

HelpDesk module
  • Use links to the online User Guide
  • Send questions to the support staff
  • Initiate a QuickMeeting when a support staff member is online

RSS SUBSCRIPTIONS — publish content to RSS-enabled websites and applications

RSS feed
  • RSS feeds can be used for announcements, discussion topics, blogs, document resources, and community members.
  • RSS feed readers include iGoogle, Yahoo!, Outlook, etc.

PUBLIC CONTENT — view-only and public posting of discussion topics

  • Completely open content including text, multimedia, documents
  • Guest registration with screen names
  • x50 Subscriber Guests (i.e. 100 user license allows 5,000 Guests)

ROLES AND PERMISSIONS — facilitate collaboration, learning, and sharing

Roles and Permissions
  • Administrator
  • Member and Group Manager
  • Group Leader/Facilitator
  • Content Manager
  • Group Member/General Member
  • "Anonymous VIP"
  • "Broadcaster"

MULTIPLE LANGUAGE INTERFACES — Members may have a pre-assigned language interface or may be allowed to select a language themselves:

multiple languages
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese

UPLOAD NEW MEMBERS — save time by adding names in bulk

Upload New Members
  • Large quantities of new members may be imported from existing table lists

SECURITY LEVELS — keep important information safe and private

  • Multiple options, from highly secure https-encrypted sites to "open communities" that allow members to self-register
  • Login ID /Password settings
  • Timeout settings
  • Active/Inactive member settings


Special Conference Features

CONFERENCE AGENDA PAGE — home base for attendees during a virtual conference

Conference Agenda
  • Lists all plenary and concurrent sessions, with links to live and archive events
  • Dynamically displays "What's Live" at the very top so users don't get lost
  • Includes bios, session descriptions, category/track icons
  • Links to pertinent hot topic discussion areas

LIVE WEBCAST WINDOW —video room for each interactive live session

Conference Webcast Live
  • Video streaming for desktop computers, phones and tablets
  • Interactive "Twitter" like chat room for attendees and facilitators
  • "Rate this Session" link for immediate feedback on every session
  • Live captioning for ADA 508 (Disabilities Act) compliance
  • Session handouts and related web links all in one integrated web page
  • Viewing of multiple concurrent programs at once (if you dare!)


Administrative Highlights

SITE BRANDING — match your site's look and feel to your overall branding

Site Branding
  • Incorporate a logo
  • Choose from a range of color palettes
  • Use a custom "domain name" to access the site
  • Build a "login widget" directly into your organization's web site
  • Create custom labels for each feature

SPONSOR / ADVERTISING SUPPORT — entice attendees to learn more about sponsored services

Sponsor Advertising Support
  • Utilize opportunities to acknowledge organizational sponsors and generate revenue
  • Display rotating sponsor logo(s) in the "sponsor spot" in the site
  • Create links, announcements, or entire discussion forums for sponsors

REPORTS — provide an overview of the participation activities of members

  • Track login activity by day, week, or month with graphs
  • Track number and length of time members worked in each module
  • Track the number of posts per member in each discussion topic
  • Report on document downloads by member and by resource
  • Report by Group
  • Download reports in Excel format
  • Create color bar graphs and charts from reports
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