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It doesn't end with the last log-off. Every webinar, course, or conference brings new learning that can benefit both your organization and others. In that spirit of collaborative learning, we regularly produce webinars and articles that help our clients plan and design the most successful virtual event possible. Watch our Home Page for announcements of our next webinars. And meanwhile…

Our Most Recent Webinar

bulletVirtual Communities, Real Connections:

A Case Study on Building Capacity and Collaboration Through Online Peer Learning
In this webinar, you will hear about the purpose and benefits of virtual peer learning groups, and explore models and best practices for creating these forums using an online platform to maximize participation, encourage deep and relevant learning, build long-lasting connections, and grow organizational capacity both efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Some Past Webinars - Some Lasting Insights

bulletVirtual Events: The State of the Sector

People, Profits, and So What?
A panel of experts debates the latest Research Findings on Virtual Conferences.
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bulletHybrid Virtual Conferences: USFS Case Study

The USFS meeting team describes how they got approval for and implemented their recent virtual conference. This is a unique opportunity to see how a secure virtual conference extension actually works, with live sessions, online discussions, networking, accessibility features, resource handouts and other interactive content.
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bullet100% Online Conferences: ASHA Case Study

Jack Coursen and Parrish Swann of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) discuss the business and production aspects of their highly successful online conference series.
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bulletCreating Highly Interactive Online Professional Development Workshops: A Case Study

If you are interested in delivering interactive, collaborative professional development courses, then this "nuts & bolts" workshop is for you.
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bulletCreating Successful Global Online Conferences: USAID SHOPS Case Study

Most effective strategies, marketing techniques, and production methods for your worldwide audience.
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bulletVirtual Conferences: How To Produce Extraordinary Online Events

A panel of experts from three different organizations discusses the business and production aspects of their recent virtual conferences. 
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bulletCommunities of Practice: Case Studies in Program & Technical Assistance

Learn how the iCohere Collaboration Platform creates a virtual space that develops expertise and accelerates learning among professional peers.
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bulletGrowing Online Communities — Proven Tips for Success

Your organization's members, committees, task groups and chapters can work together more efficiently by utilizing Web 2.0 and social media tools.
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