Course Production, Delivery and Learning Management System

Are you just beginning to think about delivering your first online course or do you already offer dozens or even hundreds of courses a year? iCohere’s course production services and Learning Management System offers a fresh, affordable, attractive and unified learning experience for your professional learners.

Self-Paced Courses

iCohere’s newly redesigned Classroom provides a single point of entry into an elegant, streamlined learning experience where content of all types – text, videos, presentations, documents, graphics, and even webinars -- flow fluidly from one to the next, interspersed with quizzes and ending with a final exam and certificate. Truly a unified learning experience.

Instructor-led Courses

Your instructional designers and faculty can craft your instructor-led courses to be as formal or informal as needed to meet different learning styles and professional development objectives. The tools at their disposal include:

  • A WebEx meeting/training room with a 1000 seat capacity for live, formal presentations, Q&A, and breakout sessions
  • Discussion boards for asynchronous peer-to-peering interaction with shared or private instructor commentary
  • Real-time text or video “office hours”
  • A Classroom for recorded presentations and handouts
  • The multimedia resource center for supplementary materials
  • Tests that can include essay questions and instructor feedback
  • Grade book with automated or manual assignment of grades and certificates

Webinar-based Training

With your iCohere-WebEx training room, you can design courses as a series of webinars, incorporating breakout rooms for student-to-student discussions, and launching tests at the end of each session. Handouts can be distributed before, during, or after your live sessions. Students can view archives if they miss a session or to refresh their learning. more about webinars

Blended Learning

iCohere’s Unified Learning Management System provides the tools needed for blended learning courses – those courses where hands-on skills training is best done in person, but where registration, preparatory readings, pre-tests, and ice-breaking exercises are more efficiently handled beforehand, and follow-up assignments, including course evaluations and final exams, are best delivered afterwards.

Catalogues, Registration, eCommerce

Marketing and sales support are essential components of iCohere’s Unified Learning System. Our dynamic catalogues list course offerings and whether they are open for registration, filled, or closed. Courses can be offered for free or fees can be processed through PayPal, or linked to your existing merchant account.

Quizzes and Exams

Among other features, iCohere’s assessments module includes:

  • a question bank for six different question types, including essay questions
  • uploading questions from other systems
  • a test bank for storing and reusing tests
  • randomization of test questions
  • self-assessment quizzes
  • weighted tests
  • flexible scoring and grading options
  • timed tests
  • proctoring options

Credits, Course Evaluations, and Certificates

All programs can be offered for continuing education credits/hours and students can be required to complete a course evaluation or survey prior to receiving their certificates of credit/completion.

SCORM Compliance

iCohere supports SCORM and AICC compliant coursework and tests.

Benefit from Our Experience

With our long history both as educators and working with association and government clients on their professional development initiatives, we’ve learned a lot about effectively, quickly and affordably bringing in-person courses to an online audience. We share that expertise with you through personalized training and additional consulting when you need assistance. There’s no automated “support ticket process” between you and us. It’s part of what we mean when we say we have a unified learning management system!


The Nautilus navigates changing seas thanks to a slender tube that connects all its chambers, enabling it to draw and release fluids and oxygen into and out of itself.

Our clients are well equipped to navigate the changing seas of professional development by drawing upon the components of iCohere's Unified Learning System.

Unified Learning Advantages

Start with Courses and expand your offerings to include virtual and communities of practice without having to find new vendors, learn new administrative tools, or train your users in a different interface.

  • Market your courses by offering preview webinars by course instructors.
  • Offer your courses through a learning community for more visibility and “stickiness”
  • Draw on your pool of subject matter experts and instructors to create virtual conferences on emerging topics in your profession

Unified Learning Features


iCohere’s Unified Learning System includes our Unified Learning Management System, plus all the following: a 1000 seat WebEx Webinar room, the Virtual Conference infrastructure and community hosting. One price creates a Unified Learning Experience. view pricing options

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Quality eLearning must be built on a strong yet flexible foundation. The ideal foundation provides multiple delivery options, seamless infrastructure for hosting organizations, top-drawer support and especially transparent experiences for learners. Unified Learning by iCohere fills this bill and more. With this foundation, dynamic, transformative eLearning can be designed and delivered across platforms.

Dr. Amanda Batson
ABD Partners – Education on Demand
eLearning Design and Development Partner