Our Online Course/Professional Development Solution


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  • open/close feature list Create Learning Courses with:

    • Comprehensive training to geographically dispersed audiences
    • Integrated webinars, recorded and streaming video and audio, readings, homework assignments, and quizzes
    • Real time and asynchronous exchanges with instructors and other students
    • Continuing education units for licensing and credentials
    • Collaboration on projects and assignments
    • Creation of a community of practice in which each individual's learning is enhanced through shared discussion with others
    • Reduction in travel costs and inconvenience for both instructors and students
    • New sources of revenue
    • Branded registration pages
    • Advanced eCommerce options
    • Registration data collection and reporting
    • Timed discounts and group rates
    • NO added transaction fees from iCohere
    • NO advertising or branding by iCohere
    • Automated registration confirmations
    • Pass-through login from your web site
    • Options for member database (AMS) integration
    • Course outlines for single-day workshops
    • Multi-week formats
    • Multi-month formats
    • Course calendar with personalized time zones
    • Real-time, prerecorded, and printed content
    • Narrated slide presentations for course lectures
    • PowerPoint design services, ADA 508 compliance
    • Embedded video and audio training modules
    • Streaming video for as many as six presenters simultaneously
    • Instructor presentations and screen-sharing
    • Phone/VoIP breakout rooms for discussion groups
    • Anytime access to course documents, podcasts, videos
    • Areas for student reflection and discussion
    • Social media connectors for student networking
    • Text-chat office hours for student/instructor dialogue
    • Knowledge assessments
    • Quizzes
    • Formal tests
    • Robust question format selection
    • Interactive feedback
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Personalized certificate generation and delivery
    • Professional networking through directory of participants
    • Discussion threads
    • Social media and blogs
    • Live meetings
    • Instant messaging
    • Feedback from instructors


Pascal Kaplan
Pascal Kaplan, CEO

“My background is in education and theology – so using iCohere for collaborative online learning was my entire objective in founding the company. I'm not refering to static, traditional computer based instruction – though that is appropriate for some situations.

Where iCohere shines is in courses and workshops where instructors and students cooperate in the learning process.

In my experience, professional students can learn as much from working together as they can from the formal course materials. We have many features and strategies to make that happen.”


Online Course/Professional Development packages start at $11,185 (nonprofit) for 100 concurrent students -- including registration and payment processing, course delivery, testing and certificate delivery! (Plus a one-time $3,000 setup and training fee.)

The iCohere Online Course/Professional Development Experience

photo of Tammy Blosil

“Members are actually knocking on our door asking to get into our online courses. They have been phenomenally successful.”

Tammy Blosil,
VP Online Learning
American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

ASAE The association of associations with a membership of more than 22,000 association executives and industry partners.


Why does ASAE trust us?

Because iCohere powers ASAE University's self-paced online courses for professional certification in a way that's easy to manage, requires little staff time, and is highly profitable.

ASAE had a vision. Beginning with a limited budget and staff, it decided to cut costs and maximize outreach by offering courses online. With our vast experience in education, we resonated with its needs and helped it expand from small six-week volunteer-run courses to an extensive and diverse curriculum of fourteen courses taught by paid experts in the field.

We listened to the needs of ASAE and kept pace with its goals by creating new features and components all along the way. The ASAE courses have flourished, attracting thousands of participants every year and earning an average satisfaction rating of 4.3
out of 5.

For ASAE and For You: iCohere helps establish an organization as a primary resource for professional education.


TIPS from one of our Online Courses/Professional Development Experts

Q. How do we transition our face-to-face training materials into an online course?

A. It depends on what you want to provide your students. If they interact with the content but not necessarily with the instructor or other students, then we can help you transition your materials and slides into a digital format. If you want more interaction, where the instructor responds to posts and assignments or actually meets with students, we can help design a course structure that allows that to unfold. And if you want to build a learning community where students interact with one another and the learning is collaborative, there are strategies to design that too. We can help with all three and anything in between.

Q. Which is the best approach?

A. The best approach is the one you want. Our specialty is designing collaborative instructor-led courses where there's an instructor, interaction between instructor and students, and homework assignments. The first thing we do is find out what style interests you and how collaborative you want the learning to be.

Q. Can we customize a registration and payment process that's specific to our needs?

A. Yes, you can. You can brand it, and you can create as many discount and registration codes as you want to identify different audiences you want to market to. You can even customize the messages that get sent to your registrants, such as confirmation messages and follow-up messages. iCohere also posts No Ads or Branding on your registration page. Interested in special discounts for members vs. non-members? Other discounts? We can arrange that too.

Q. How do you suggest we use webinars or meetings in our courses?

A. Some courses are built around webinar meetings – like an instructor in front of a class with people posting questions and using telephone break-outs for small group discussions. But typically, the live session is used as the integrative experience at the end of a series of sessions in the course. Our recommendation is to post documents at the onset of the course for students to reflect on and discuss. Then use the live session with an instructor for Q&A. It always seems to work better if lectures are pre-recorded and the live session is used for interaction.

Q. How do we encourage students to participate?

A. Lots of ways. For starts, you can form groups. Smaller groups can discuss topics in more depth. And if you want, you can change the groups every week so more students interact. You can also assign students to chat rooms, collaborative meeting rooms, and phone meetings. Require comments on discussion boards or better yet, comments on other students' comments. That starts a dialogue.

Q. How do we validate work for continuing education credits?

A. You have three choices.
  1. You can offer a quiz or test.
  2. Ask people to do readings, posts, etc. and then iCohere can generate reports on how much each participated.
  3. Use an honor system.
Some clients simply ask their students to verify that they've met certain requirements. We'll help you figure out which approach is best for you, and then we'll help you build it.

Q. Different students have different learning styles. How do we address those styles in an online course?

A. That's where the flexibility of our online platform comes in. You can have documents and text for those who learn best through reading, but it's also possible to upload video and audio, to offer live interactive sessions, use the telephone, and form large or small discussion groups. Students with different learning styles can interact with course materials in a variety of different ways.

Q. Students from around the world take our courses and some aren't as fluent in English as others – what do we do about that?

A. The user interface of the iCohere platform itself has been built so a student can choose from any of five languages to see the messages – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. It's also designed so that when building a site, the content can be posted in multiple languages.

Q. When somebody passes the test for one module, we want them to be able to move to the next module. How is that done? Do we have to do it manually?

A. Not with our new testing module. Now if a person passes a test they can automatically be given rights to see material in the next module. You can move somebody through a course and with the last test they pass, they can get a certificate of attendance or continuing education credits.

Q. What are the ways we can handle multiple courses?

A. Courses can be built in many ways. One is to have multiple courses on one site so when somebody completes a course they remain a member of that site. Then you can create an alumni group or a community of practice for everybody who's passed the same course or series of courses. As an alternative, you can create a self-contained site for each course and as many as you like, at no additional cost.

Q. How can we take the online learning experience even higher?

A. Courses are a great way to create an ongoing learning community. Would your learners like to keep on learning? Give them the opportunity to share further by expanding your course site into a community of practice. Or build your course concept into an online conference for an expanded marketing opportunity.

Are courses enough? Can you accomplish even more?

With the iCohere All-in-One platform you can expand as your goals change. Consider a virtual or hybrid conference that reaches a larger audience and inspires collaboration. Build loyalty, learning, and increase your ROI. Or create a Learning Community for long-term knowledge-building and collaboration. With the All-in-One you can access all our state-of-the-art features in a single package, with no new learning curve and no additional software. Take a look.