Connect Online

…with the many or the few, with experts or colleagues,
for the present or into the future.


The iCohere All-in-One platform gives you the means to connect in any way you choose, from one-time Webinars to long-term Communities of Practice. It can help you connect with large numbers of people to achieve immediate goals or with smaller teams for longer relationships formed around a sustained purpose. You can create new or concurrent sites as your learning needs and communication goals change. Or you can use our tools and services to expand the connections on your current site or event for greater outreach. iCohere supports you every step of the way, listening, exploring with you, and offering strategies for developing the most effective relationships possible.


Four Ways to Connect

Webinars and Team Meetings

Breadth and One-to-One Sharing; Minimal Time Commitment


In Webinars, your audience of perhaps hundreds connects quickly and easily to the thought-leaders and practitioners you host, in a format they can fit into their personal schedules. Webinars are the go-to choice if your connection goal is to exchange information in a quick time-limited format where little interaction is required. Although the format is primarily to broadcast one expert or a panel of experts to a large audience, with iCohere features you can also make your Webinar more interactive and connected. Introduce phone break-outs. Let participants dialogue with presenters by posing questions over the phone or through text chat. Or offer a post-webinar discussion board.

Got a group that needs to talk? In Team Meetings, members see each other on video and collaborate on an agenda, projects, or ideas. The All-in-One offers you an array of features for strengthening these connections. Recruit a facilitator who can define objectives and introduce presenters. Use our audio and video options and allow attendees to broadcast. iCohere has produced many webinars and meetings, but the most powerful are always those that take advantage of our unique features and strategies to maximize connection and impact. And should your students or colleagues want more…


See our Tips for making your Webinar or Team Meeting even more connected.

Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

More Breadth and Variety; Significant Time Commitment


…consider conferences. Conferences are still time-limited, but with more potential for shared decision-making and collaborative exploration of issues. Your attendees experience a rich variety of live and pre-recorded presentations alongside hundreds of other participants, all exchanging insights, comments, and questions with one another and with the presenters. New relationships are forged, either for temporary purposes or long-term collaboration. To enhance your conference, create private discussion groups so people can connect more fully. Form sub-groups based on region or interest and provide them with their own documents and chat rooms. And if they want to keep going…


See our Tips for making your Conference even more connected.

Online Courses and Professional Development

More Interaction and Broader Sharing; Potential for Lasting Relationships; More Time Commitment


…offer them a course. In courses, you share a time-limited set of information with a large group of people, live at one time. Participants interact with the instructor and each other over a period of days, weeks or months, to
co-create a dynamic learning experience that not only earns them continuing education credits, but inspires new goals and builds professional connections. To further those connections, create student teams, cohorts, and pods. Then work and learn with each other, with other pods, and with the entire group. iCohere offers special strategies for engaging students and keeping them engaged. Here's just one: Ask students to respond to other students' comments on a discussion board, and then watch the interest grow. And if the interest lasts…


See our Tips for making your Course even more connected.

Learning Communities

Most Longevity; Most Time Commitment


…create a community for them. Connection, and especially long-term connection, is the very point of the Learning Community. The members of your Community develop lasting relationships by working together on committees, collaborating on documents and projects, and participating in online meetings and webinars. You can nurture their connection by adding special knowledge events, live chats with field experts, and sub-group collaboration rooms. Then watch as they form trusting connections for sharing knowledge and addressing professional challenges, often enabling the field as a whole to advance.


See our Tips for making your Community even more connected.

The Equation:

As your goals expand, so does the commitment of time and
involvement, so does the learning, and so do the rewards.


From the simple information of webinars, to the discussions of courses and conferences, and finally to on-going communities where people work together to build and consolidate knowledge, our All-in-One Platform for Professional Learning and Collaboration has it all. Try some or try all, combine them, move among our configurations as your needs change. Whatever your goals, our experts at iCohere can help. We have connections.