Hybrid and All-Virtual Conferences – Creating Global Meeting Experiences

Enabled for Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices

Organizations of all sizes are embracing the untapped potential of extending their face-to-face conferences to include virtual participants (known as Hybrid Conferences) and of sponsoring full-fledged online conferences (All-Virtual Conferences).

Reach out to international audiences and others who cannot travel to onsite meetings

With Hybrid Conferences, virtual attendees experience keynote presentations via streaming video and participate in breakout sessions, just like those attending in person.

With 100% Virtual Conferences, there's no physical meeting place. Everyone is online participating in live interactions or experiencing pre-recorded or archived events at their convenience.

With both, high interactivity and engagement occur through person-to-person networking, small group interaction in tracks and breakout sessions, discussion boards, blogs and live chats. Integrated twitter feeds, photo and video blogs add to the sense of shared presence.

  • Registration and payment processing
  • Multimedia Resource Library for handouts before, during, and after the conference
  • Advertising and sponsorships
  • Virtual tradeshow/vendor areas
  • Online Help Desk for all attendees
  • FAQs and surveys
  • Refer to our VPAT document for details about federal accessibility compliance

A Few of Our Conference Clients Since 2002

  • American Society of Association Executives
  • American Speech, Language and Hearing Association
  • California Teachers Association
  • International City/County Management Association
  • Learning Forward (formerly the National Staff Development Council)
  • Psychotherapy Networker
  • School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • U.S. Forest Service

Case Studies


Rescuing an Endangered Conference

When budget constraints caused registration at ASHA's in-person conferences to decline dramatically, the organization started losing money. Risk-taker Karen Niles, then Director of Professional Development, decided to venture into the then unproven venue of online conferences. ASHA's first purely virtual conference attracted more attendees than the physical conference the year before. And it didn't stop there. Registration almost doubled every year after, in spite of an increase in fees (and revenue!). ASHA now hosts as many as five virtual conferences each year, including “repeats” for those who could not attend earlier ones, providing the organization with one of its most profitable service activities. Learn more about ASHA’s virtual conferences

ASHA is the world's premier professional, scientific, and credentialing association of speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists. The organization is a pioneer in implementing online conferences.


US Forest Service – Walking the Green Talk

When companies consider a virtual conference they often think about the time and money it will save. The US Forest Service thought about the greenhouse gas it would save. Responsible for the conservation of 193 million acres of natural resources, the Forest Service is dedicated to ecological sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of those who live on the planet, including its own employees. So when the time approached for its annual summit, it restructured its physical conference. Only staff within the region where the physical conference was held attended in person, and all other staff were invited to attend virtually. By creating a hybrid conference, the Forest Service saved $300,000 in travel costs, $100,000 in facility costs, and a whole lot of gas…300 metric tons. The conference was hailed as a success by staff everywhere – and by the planet. Learn more about this hybrid conference.


FAQs about the Conference Component of iCohere’s Unified Learning Management System

We've never done a virtual conference. How much help do you provide?
We're by your side through the entire process, starting with the creation of a user-friendly conference environment with complete technical support. Then we help you plan your conference strategy for maximum online impact and participation.
Can we implement a flexible registration and payment process?
We support both free and paid registration processes. We charge no fees for payment processing and only your brand appears on registration pages. You can provide special discounts for early registration, members vs. non-members, and conference archive sales.
Our attendees have never participated in an online conference. How do we train them?
We start helping your attendees weeks before the conference begins, with FAQs, how-to-videos, and site engagement games. During the conference, attendees simply click on a button to send a message to the Help Desk. We'll work with you to develop a list of common questions specific to your conference and your content.
How do our trade partners and sponsors advertise in a virtual conference?
There’s a wide range of opportunities for your trade partners and sponsors to have visibility and even interact directly with virtual attendees. Promotional messages can be planted in “sponsor spots” and announcements, and you can also provide a virtual trade booth. All at no cost to you. For a modest surcharge (which you can markup), you can provide your sponsors with an open WebEx room where attendees can come in and view promotional materials and have a video chat with the sponsor. Ask us about other revenue opportunities.

As a Nautilus grows new chambers, it repeats processes it has learned previously. Though larger, each chamber is constructed exactly the same way.

As are all the components of iCohere’s Unified Learning System.

Unified Learning Advantages

Start with a Hybrid or Virtual Conference and grow into courses, on-going webinar series, or a member community without having to find new vendors, learn new administrative tools, or train your users in a different interface.

  • Design a webinar series around the conference topics that create the most buzz
  • Capture and repurpose conference content into self-paced courses
  • Turn your online conference site into an on-going member community or community of practice
  • All at no additional cost
  • Hybrid conferences are an example of Blended Learning

Unified Learning Features

Our conference specialists are available to work with you from start to finish to help you design, market, configure, facilitate, support, and assess your conference experience.


iCohere’s Unified Learning System includes the Virtual Conference infrastructure, plus all the following: a 1000 seat WebEx Webinar room, the Learning Management System for courses with catalogues, registration, classrooms, assessments and certificates, and hosting of your peer learning community. One price creates a Unified Learning Experience. view pricing options

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quotesiCohere's online conference platform combined with their expert, personal, and collaborative approach to client service has been an important addition to our portfolio of events. Our costs are down, our registrations are up, and our attendee satisfaction ratings are record-breaking. A recent online conference had over 950 attendees, garnered a 4.7 (out of 5) overall satisfaction rating, and generated over $275K in revenue. quotes

Jack Coursen
Associate Director, Professional Development
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association