Our Virtual/Hybrid Conference Solution


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  • open/close feature list Create a 100% Online (Virtual) Conference

    • Simpler facilities and logistics with the same power of a face-to-face conference
    • Pre-recorded sessions mixed with live webinars, text chats
    • Live discussions and telephone breakouts for groups
    • Resource Library for handouts and related documents
    • Web link area for all sorts of online resources
    • Advertising and sponsorships
    • Online "tradeshow" vendor areas
    • Help Desk for all attendees
    • CEU processing and assistance
    • Broader audience through streaming video, text chat, and discussion boards
    • Online registrations that supplement face-to-face revenue
    • On-site videography services
    • Presenters/Moderators on-site, remote, or a mixture
    • Strategy for integrating remote viewers with in-person audience
    • Live event interface including video stream with text chats and attachments
    • Resource Library for session handouts
    • Live event interface including video stream with text chats and attachments
    • On-site text & photo blogging, guest videos
    • Streaming video for up to six presenters at a time
    • Room capacity for up to thousands of attendees
    • Presenter streaming video
    • Pop-out video, pause and full-screen video
    • Links to documents and handouts
    • FAQ and survey links
    • Twitter links and session/conference tweet streams
    • Narrated slide shows
    • Video interviews
    • Panel discussions
    • ADA 508 compliant format
    • Mobile format
    • Re-usable content
    • Professional networking through directory of participants
    • Discussion threads
    • Meetings Rooms
    • Instant messaging


Lance Simon
Lance Simon
VP Client Solutions

“Most organizations are just
now trying their first completely online conference.

In this scenario there's no physical meeting place. Everyone is online experiencing the conference at the same time. Or people may be logging in at their convenience, to experience pre-recorded sessions and add their comments, questions, videos and blogs. You might have a demographic that could make great use of this format, where a physical face-to-face meeting isn't possible.

We can help you serve these groups with an event that is tailored for their needs and provides a tremendously effective, successful conference meeting-like experience.”


Virtual/Hybrid Conference packages start at $9,950 (nonprofit) for 100 attendees, conference coordinator and help desk support!

What exactly is a Hybrid Conference?

For some, the best of both worlds -  pairing of an in-person conference and a virtual conference. You produce a live conference with attendees in a certain location and add an online component for people who can't be there physically, which they can access and/or review in the future. A hybrid combines in-person and streaming presentations, offers asynchronistic discussions, and includes a rich variety of other features designed to suit the needs of both audiences. It's an all-inclusive venue that broadens your attendance and increases your revenue.

The iCohere Virtual and Hybrid Conference Experience

Karen Niles

“Compared to in-person conferences, our results using iCohere's platform to offer online conferences are outstanding! Our costs are lower, our registration numbers are higher, and participant satisfaction is off the charts. For one recent conference, attendees gave a 4.71 overall satisfaction rating on a 5-point scale, with 475 respondents.”

Karen Niles
Director, Professional Development
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

ASHA is the world's premier professional, scientific, and credentialing association of speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists. The organization is a pioneer in implementing online conferences.


Why does the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association trust us?

Because iCohere enabled it to design, implement, and expand a highly successful online conference series that's now a major source of continuing education for members, and of substantial incremental revenues for ASHA.

When registration at ASHA's in-person conferences declined dramatically and the organization was losing income, risk-taker Karen Niles decided to venture into the then unproven venue of online conferences. ASHA's first one, powered by iCohere, attracted more attendees than the physical conference the year before. And it didn't stop there. Registration almost doubled every year after, in spite of an increase in fees (and revenue!).

For ASHA and For You: iCohere provides a full conference experience that builds audience and loyalty, delivers professional status and revenue for your organization, and advances your field.

TIPS from one of our Virtual/Hybrid Conference Experts

Q.We've never done a virtual conference. How much help do you provide?

A. We're by your side through the entire process, starting with the creation of a user-friendly conference environment with complete technical support. Then we help you plan your conference strategy for maximum online impact and participation.

Q. Can we implement a flexible registration and payment process?

A. We support both free and paid registration processes. We charge No Fees for payment processing and we post No Ads or Branding on your registration page. Interested in special discounts for members vs. non-members? Other discounts? Conference archive sales? We can arrange that too.

Q.How can our virtual conference provide the kind of interactivity among presenters and participants that we're used to in our face-to-face conferences?

A. During a virtual conference presentation, we can provide both structured and spontaneous interactivity with text, audio, and even video. Your participants will be able to interact directly with the presenter and with other participants around the world!

Q. Can we stream a live video of our in-person conference on the Internet for members/clients who can't attend in person?

A.Yes. Within the virtual conference site, we can provide on-site videographers to stream the video of your presenters and audience. Online viewers can ask questions that are relayed to the presenter in real time, integrating in-person and distance.

Q. We want to provide CEU credits to our members. How can we do that?

A. We can connect your existing CEU process to the conference, or design a customized conference assessment system with CEU certificate generation and reporting.

Q. Will there be a Help Desk during the event?

A. We start helping your attendees weeks before the conference begins, with welcoming preparation messages, FAQs, how-to-videos, and site engagement games. During the conference, attendees simply click on a button to send a message to the Help Desk. We'll work with you to develop a list of common questions specific to your conference and your content.

Q. How would we price advertisements and tradeshow "booths" inside our conference site?

A. Promotional messages can be planted in many places within an online conference. That said, we don't recommend excessive advertising in virtual conferences. A noisy, flashing site can be distracting to users and interfere with their engagement. The key is to balance sponsor exposure with attendee experience. We can help you find the right mix for your program and revenue goals.

Q. How can we take the virtual conference experience even higher?

A. iCohere has been producing virtual conferences since 2002 and we offer full state-of-the-art, practical advice that works. We can help you attain optimum success with even your first event.

Are conferences enough? Can you accomplish even more?

With the iCohere All-in-One platform you can expand as your goals change. Add online professional development courses for further learning and career advancement. Create a Learning Community for long-lasting collaboration. Build loyalty, knowledge, and increase your ROI. With the All-in-One you can access all our state-of-the-art features in a single package, with no new learning curve and no additional software. Take a look.