Our Learning Communities Solution


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  • open/close feature list Design your Community Hub Website

    • Easy-to-use interface that promotes daily participation
    • Member profiles, Outlook export, and social media links
    • 15+ modules you can configure for your specific needs
    • Any number of main and micro-sites
    • Social site integration – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
    • Pass-through login, site banner, custom branding
    • Best practice training and strategy consulting
    • Any number of groups with any number of members
    • Super-group hierarchies
    • Variety of security settings
    • Customizable terms of use
    • No web crawling
    • No advertising
    • HTTPS site encryption option
    • Discussion list and blog formats
    • Rich-text posts with rich-text editor & emoticons
    • Easily attach documents, photos, podcasts and videos
    • Topics open to all members, others to specific groups
    • Resource Library for sharing any type of documents, files
    • Post ratings – your rating and averages
    • Public topics page for discussions, document attachments
    • Subscriptions for new posts and resources via RSS feeds
    • Mobile access through your mobile web browser
    • No advertisements, no app purchase
    • Secure, no marketing click-through/search tracking
    • Intelligent streaming for mobile platforms
    • iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Droid, Windows Mobile
    • Resource Center, Discussions, Calendar
    • My Profile, Preferences, Messages, Help Desk
    • ADA 508 compliant
    • Live captioning
    • Captioned meeting recordings
    • Refer to our VPAT document for details
    • Professional networking through directory of participants
    • Discussion threads
    • Social media and blogs
    • Live meetings
    • Instant messaging
    • Special events such as conferences, courses, webinars


Patricia O'Leary
Patricia O'Leary
Virtual Event Manager

“Our vision since 2001 has been to deliver a 21st century village square where people with a common purpose or interest exchange information and ideas from across the country or across the world, reinforcing each other's knowledge and commitment.

For some that means a professional community of practice focused on a specific knowledge area. For others, especially government agencies, it may mean a technical support community for all those involved with a state, federal or international program.

In all these cases, iCohere enables you to establish your organization as the centerpiece of the professional lives of your constituents.”


Learning Community packages start at $11,185 (nonprofit) for 100 members, including private branding, discussions, webinars, videos, documents, mobile, and high security options! (Plus a one-time $3,000 setup and training fee.)

The iCohere Learning Communities Experience

Photo of Jody Daniels

“When we began searching for an online community partner we got more than we bargained for. The folks at iCohere have provided more than just a dynamite platform, but ongoing support and guidance in helping us build, grow, and nurture our online community.”

Jody Daniels
Senior V.P. Corporate Services
Yankee Alliance

Yankee Alliance - New England's leading member-driven organization of hospitals and healthcare providers, Yankee Alliance provides a wide range of services designed to enhance its members' knowledge and effectiveness.


Why does Yankee Alliance trust us?

Because iCohere powers the Yankee Commons portal, where members and partners of Yankee Alliance share resources, engage in vital industry discussion, and learn through interactive webinars. The Alliance recently closed its “member web site” and now uses iCohere for all its member communications.

For Yankee Alliance and For You: We help build a learning community to define best practices for your profession, integrate chapters and special interest groups, share resources, and stimulate networking and learning.


TIPS from one of our Learning Communities Experts

Q. We already have LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and our web site – isn't that enough of a social presence?

A. Maybe, maybe not. If you and your members, clients, and partners are all satisfied with the current level of connected-ness, then fine. But if your stakeholders are looking for more ways to interact and share research and best practices, and if you want assurance that it's YOU who owns and controls the content – then you're ready to launch a community of practice (CoP).

Q.How much staff time is involved in getting a learning community running and in maintaining interest?

A. During your first year, figure on 10-20 hours per week from a staff person who can make the community site their own. They won't be flying solo – we provide comprehensive training, documentation, a monthly best practices webinar, and a user community that includes our client project leaders from around the world.

Q. Will the branding of our virtual community mirror the branding of our online courses, webinars, and web site? Or is it completely separate?

A. It's very important your web presence be integrated, super-easy to interact with, and consistent in appearance. We provide branding features like pass-through login (unified login) so that your members can move seamlessly between your web site and your online community. The colors, naming, graphics, and organization of your community site are also highly configurable to match your existing branding.

Q. How can we take the community experience even higher?

A. Let us help you build a strategy and coordinate a team to foster the growth of your community over time. We can show you how to offer basic and premium content to create a new, significant incremental revenue stream. The practical results of our partnership are one reason our clients love us: increased learning, higher member retention, and a stronger overall business plan.

Are Communities enough? Can you accomplish even more?

Can you accomplish even more? With the iCohere All-in-One platform you can expand as your goals expand. Create an on-line course for targeted learning and professional development. Produce a virtual or hybrid conference that brings thought leaders together. Build loyalty, learning, and increase your ROI. With the All-in-One you can access all our state-of-the-art features in a single package, with no new learning curve and no additional software. Take a look.
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