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The big opportunity in professional learning and technical assistance is continuous collaboration, networking, and the sharing of insights and resources through facilitated online communities. With iCohere’s Unified Learning System, you have the tools to host private, secure, peer learning communities and member portals.

Benefit from Our Experience

We’ve learned a lot about designing, launching, and maintaining online communities since starting iCohere in 2001. You are the beneficiary of that learning through the personalized training you receive when we start working together. Afterwards, you simply contact us by phone or email whenever you need additional assistance. There’s no charge and there’s no automated “support ticket” process. We’re just here for you It’s simple…unified.

Roadmap for Community Success

Foster Networking and Collaboration

Technical Assistance and Member Communities are about communication and collaboration. iCohere provides you with all the tools you need to launch and grow thriving online communities.

  • Discussion boards, supported by digests, RSS, and listserve functionality, enable the sharing of innovative ideas and solutions to practical problems.
  • Real-time text and video chat bring individuals and groups together on a scheduled basis or spontaneously.
  • Shared calendars provide a single place to publish your community’s events.
  • Social profiles allow members to share information with other members.
  • Announcements and emails enable the easy flow of communications to the whole community or to designated groups.

Empower Departments, Chapters and Special Interest Groups

In addition to community-wide resources and activities, you can create group-based sites and collaboration areas. Team and committee members can securely share stories, resources, videos, and more with others in their private groups. Group announcements, messages, calendars and surveys build a heightened sense of belonging even in the midst of your larger community. And with iCohere you can have as many community sites as you need at no additional charge.

Market and Launch Events within Your Community Portal

Your professional community portal serves as the gateway to your webinars, courses, and conferences. Your members engage in a shared space filled with the activities, resources, projects, and events available under your sponsorship. Every subscription includes a 1,000 seat WebEx® meeting and training room, our integrated registration and assessment modules, as well as with all the other capabilities of our Unified Learning System.

Create a Multimedia Resource Library

With iCohere’s Unified Learning Resource Library you can bring your organization’s learning resources – plus those uploaded by members of your professional community – into a single, searchable library for easy, permissions-based access. Usage reports provide analytics on views and downloads by member, resource, and rating.

Integrate eCommerce for Premium Content and Webinars

Our registration system, coupled with your merchant account, can be used to generate revenue for special activities and premium content. There is no surcharge for using our private or public catalogues or registration forms.

Meet Federal Accessibility Requirements

  • Please refer to our VPAT document for details

Unlike other crustaceans, the growing Nautilus doesn’t search hither and yon for a new and different house. What it needs, it finds within itself.

Just like our clients do when using iCohere’s Unified Learning System.

Unified Learning Advantages

Start with a community and integrate webinars, courses and conferences without having to find new vendors, learn new administrative tools, or train your users in a different interface.

Unified Learning Features

Your professional learning or technical assistance community is the space that houses all the growth and learning you make possible through your webinars, courses, and conferences.


iCohere’s Unified Learning System includes Community Hosting, plus all the following: a 1000 seat WebEx Webinar room, the Learning Management System for courses with catalogues, registration, classrooms, assessments and certificates, and the Virtual Conference infrastructure. One price creates a Unified Learning Experience. view pricing options

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iCohere is at the front edge of innovation. It's why Save the Children is the third organization I've introduced to the iCohere platform. We partner with 30 member organizations in 120 countries. We have a very strategic mission and iCohere allows us to communicate and collaborate.

Kathy Spangler
Vice President, U.S. Program
Save The Children