The iCohere All-in-One Platform

Everything you need now and everything you'll want later

There's nothing else quite like it. The iCohere platform offers a single, one-stop solution for all your online communication and collaboration needs, from webinars to courses to conferences to learning communities…all right here, in one place, under one annual license. There's no need for different software for different functions, no need for separate fees, and no need to learn new technology for every new event. Best yet, the All-in-One frees you to expand and explore as your goals change. Add another component, re-create what you have, or develop another site. The iCohere platform serves your immediate needs while opening a door to the almost limitless possibilities of your organization's future.

iCohere Core Features

Return on Investment

Start with one site, expand to another, and watch both your financial value and mission value expand with them. Broader audiences. Greater exposure and influence. Reduced costs. Opportunities for sponsorship and branding. Increased loyalty. And of course the professional advancement of the individual, organization, and field. Whatever the return you're seeking, you can maximize it by utilizing the full potential of the All-in-One and its many components, all of which were designed to help you grow.

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Take advantage of our system's super flexibility. With the All-in-One you automatically have access to over 18 features in a single package. And we're still innovating. One-half of iCohere staff spends its time creating new tools and features based on our clients' changing needs. What doesn't change is your learning curve or your price. There are never hidden costs. And you can easily configure your platform – no special programming or technical skill required. Once you learn it, you can do it all.

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Create different levels of connectedness among your audience with each site you build. From the presenter-led webinar to the learning relationships of courses and conferences, to the whole system collaboratiion of communities of practice, the All-in-One can be used for any depth or breadth of connectivity that serves your stakeholders. Each requires a different investment of time and commitment and each rewards you with increasingly meaningful experiences and greater value.

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